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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Winter Colors must be in your Decor

    Professionals who work with the image, and especially interior decorators know that there is a science of color.

    The colors influence our emotions, our feelings and are able to change our moods. There are even alternative therapies that use this situation as color therapy, to assist in their treatment.

    What does this have to do with the winter colors? Temperatures also affect our personality and mood. In most often negatively.

    Apparently, cold cuts us and makes us sedentary, and that time alone leads us to reflect on our life very pessimistic way.

    So today, our proposal for winter colors will be twofold: first, crossing the colors traditionally used in places with hostile climates, and on the other, do a "color therapy against the effects of winter." Do you like?

    If you're looking for a winter color to cover one or more of your walls, either with paint or wallpaper, you should focus on warm colors. And do not forget white: this color, while recalling the snow, combine perfectly with the warm. Besides white you can afford beige, cream and bone. Brown and chocolates are also a good choice. To contrast a bit with these colors, you can add details to a cute red tone or incorporate an original tone rose quartz. This color combine perfectly with the warm brown. In the room of a teenager, you can put wallpaper with Victorian or floral motifs that combine these two colors.

    As for emotions, see the colors that are used to combat depression and sadness, for inclusion in our winter project as a great wallpaper that protect us from negativity during the cold season.

    The best advice is to administer doses of color. For example, colors like red, yellow and orange convey positive feelings, action, joy and vitality, but it is advisable to put details in contrast with the colors of big surfaces. For example, if the wall is beige, red cushions placed or made in shapes and details wall decals. For this you can choose from models available in our store, or order a particular reason that you like.

    Lighting is also important. While low intensity is cozy and nice place to rest, you can also negatively affect your mood. Ideally, have two lamps: a generally more intense and clear, and a smaller, soft and warm, which can also serve as a decorative element if comes as a stylish floor lamp.

    Avoid placing large areas of black or gray. You can incorporate in small doses by figures in wall decals, or preferably corrugated thin lines.

    Whatever method you choose, be sure to decorate this winter your home to your liking so you can enjoy it to the fullest.


  • Winter Decoration

    Some people choose to put much effort into your home decorating project and everything is perfect to not be forced to make changes for a long time. But other, more creative and restless, bored of the static and prefer to make small or large changes from time to time. A new painting to decorate the living room, remove or change the room carpets or upholstery and curtains renew are some simple changes you can do to "change the face" to your decor of homes or apartments.

    On this occasion, we will see how to decorate according to the changing seasons. The winter decoration can be used for a more homely look and welcoming to your bedroom or living room.

    The cold is a great inspiration, but there are many ways to interpret it: can be fun, thinking games snow; if we think of a romantic cottage with a log fire, and also thoughtful and lonely for some. First you must identify what emotion or situation you identify, then, guided by these tips on winter decoration, put to work.

    Fabrics: The curtains in winter should be thicker fabrics to keep out cold by the windows. Bend over natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk or velvet and silk. If they are to your liking, you can also look skins, but do not forget to be synthetic.

    Materials: Wood refers to the logs, so winter is the best material. Also, you can add blankets to cover sofas and rugs. It is also a good idea to change the covers of the cushions for a winter motif and colors.

    Colours: Obviously, should emphasize the use of warm colors. White, cream, beige in contrast to different earth tones will give your home decor a cozy feeling.

    Lighting: In general, it seeks to give a touch of intimacy for winter decoration. Search under hot lamps consumption and low pollution.

    Motives and Accessories: The heating element is essential in the winter. The problem is they are not always very aesthetic. Although there are heaters and stoves that recall ancient artifacts that can look into your room, you can also choose to get one in an antique shop.
    To give the final touch in this winter, the wall decals are the best option for many reasons.

    Using Wall Decals on Winter

    For starters, the vinyls are versatile, meaning you can use them as wallpaper to cover an entire wall with a pattern of snowflakes or a beautiful winter landscape, to decorate a small corner or even a piece of furniture like a coffee table, or as valance to frame the edge of a room. In the children's room, you can place a nice snowman wall decal.

    Another reason is its simplicity of installation and removal: to end the season, you simply withdraw without the help of any professional, to replace them with spring patterns or you can think of.

    Also, remember that wall decals are highly customizable. If you want a design that you do not find in our store, you can order it in the measures you need it.

    Enjoy the warmth of home with a beautiful personalized winter decoration.

  • Your Apartment on 50's style

    The variety of styles of decoration that there is innumerable. Some styles are inspired by the culture, art, social movements, exotic and, of course, history. Today we suggest a trip to the past, to remember and relive those years and to bring some of it to incorporate it in our decor.

    Many historical eras serve as inspiration in the fashion and decor. You must find the one that best represents or approaching your tastes and personality. However, the idea of reproducing a room like an exact replica of a house in the 50's, may not be the most appropriate. Increasingly, the vintage styles mixed with modern, to find that special balance that gives a unique touch to our environments. So, if you want a decoration with the style of the 50s, you should start down antique shops and fairs rummage to find that original jewel will be the center of attention in your room. And for the modern ingredient, nothing better than to visit our wall decals store to complement your decor.

    What is the 50's Style?

    The style of the 50's can be popularly known as "retro" although this designation covers the styles of the decades. To understand what is generally the retro style, a point of reference is the television series Mad Men. It is set in the decade of the last century. In general, the style characteristics can be summarized as follows:

    1. Furniture simple, straight lines, including its legs, which are mostly cylindrical.
    2. Wood with other materials are alternated.
    3. Appear chairs welded metal base and modular armchairs.
    4. As for the colors, find the "strong" orange, yellow and red tones.
    5. The patterns can be geometric shapes. You can adding thereto the modern touch to place wall decals incorporating your plan. In our shop you'll find options decals that will suit your project, and can also arrange a custom design.

    Wall decals for your Retro Vibe

    When you decide to go to our wall decals store, you keep in mind that you can choose from thousands of designs and different patterns, but you can also request special design designed exclusively for your room.

    One possibility to choose from, is to cover an entire wall with a print vinyl moles. Another, more daring but more modern, is seeking a vinyl silhouette representing a characteristic artifact of the time, such as an old radio.

    It will be easily recognizable and give the final touch to your room with the 50's style. A design of this type can be placed in the room behind and above a modular sofa, or can be placed on a coffee table cylindrical legs and rounded edges.

    Now that you have the information, put to work to achieve your own style of the 50's.

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