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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Wild Decoration

    Sometimes we feel that our spaces may reflect a little of our natural or "wild" side. One way to print a bit of nature into our bedroom, living room or dining room, is the theme of jungle.

    To make our environment issue these wild vibrations, the options are varied; but you must take into account certain premises:

    • Do not abuse the details: the case of a wild scenery, feel the temptation to fill the room with replicas of animals and natural or synthetic leather. But do not abuse them or look like the house of a taxidermist. And beware: if you wear a leopard wallpaper for your decorating walls, you'd better avoid them in your armchairs and curtains.
    • Avoid natural skins: Buying natural skins or items from animals (ivory, animal heads dissected, etc.) you are promoting hunting wild animals. We know that you like but don’t look better running through the jungle?
    • Choose a focal point: if you have a special piece for your wild decoration, can make all combine and turn around it.

    Animal-print patterns can function as a focal point, but also as a neutral color. Everything will depend on the size and the colors print, and decorative environment. A simile armchair with leopard print in a room where everything else is smooth, no doubt will be highlighted; however if it is a zebra with fine lines in a room decorated in black and white, will go more unnoticed. The pattern may be present in all your objects: furniture, paintings, curtains, and even your appliances through the use of wall decals.

    Replicas animals, prefer synthetic and ceramics, glass and porcelain. In addition to caring for nature, you'll be sure not to overload the environment.

     Wild Decor with Wall Decals

    Another option you can explore is to give a wild touch to your room by decorating walls. The animal-print pattern can be in one of your walls if you cover it with a wallpaper that ground. You can also place wall decals in your refrigerator, or any of your furniture. Remember that wall decals adhere to a variety of surfaces.

    When we think wild decorated walls, the first thing that comes to mind is the animal-print pattern, but you can also find a mural with a beautiful face tiger or a lion that gives prominence to your walls. You can also place giraffes or elephants spy on you behind a sofa. The inclusion of houseplants accentuate the wild style of your surroundings. You can play with this, and put animal murals hidden behind plants. A fun option is to simulate a corner with a liana jungle interior and placed behind a wall that is integrated with the plant. You feel you are in the middle of the jungle.

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