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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Space Decoration with Positive Messages

    One of the trends in decoration for all kinds of spaces is the inclusion of phrases on the walls.

    The fashion that include phrases with positive or motivational messages is not entirely new. In the 70's used sheets that were hung on the walls, one of the best known was showing a cat holding onto a rope with the phrase "hang in there, baby!"

    But now, the trend seems to have renewed and recycled thanks to the possibilities offered by technology.

    Decorating with vinyl offers many advantages and opportunities. This material allows the inclusion of phrases that you love in your surroundings, without hiring a professional to do paint them in clear and neat form. In our wall decals shop you can order the phrase that you like or choose from the extensive existing catalog.

    Examples of Positive Phrases

    When buying wall decals of phrases with positive messages, the possibilities are many. Here we propose some examples of types of sentences for each room in your home or workspace:

    1.- Motivators for work or study: "The best way to start something is to stop talking about it and start doing it."

    2.- Welfare personnel and/or family union: "What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. " Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    3.- Phrases songs, poems or books for teens: "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world!" The Diary of Anne Frank.

    4.- Motivational Prints at the office: "If the plan did not work, change the plan, no goals".

    5.- Quotes from famous personalities: The great Albert Einstein has papered phrases throughout your house. "We are architects of our own destiny" can go both in your living room, as in your study, work, kitchen, etc. Another beautiful phrase of the scientist worth remembering every day is: "The ideals that illuminate my path and again and again have given me courage to face life cheerfully have been. Kindness, beauty and truth" That sentence can be placed in a personal space, like the bedroom, and in a shared area, so that everyone can appreciate.

    6.- Own phrases: who has a way with words can create your own motivational phrases and ask for a custom wall decal in our store.

    What you Should Consider:

    Before you order them and buy wall decals, you should plan your decor: where in the house it will place, exactly what part, what color is, what furniture and objects are vinyl fence, etc.

    Which is essential when you buy stickers, you think about the size it will have. A very large wall decal is the absolute protagonist of the environment.

    A very original and artistic idea is to build on the steps of the stairs to place the phrase in question. If the phrase refers to advance, leveling up or something like that, the effect will be even stronger.

    With these tips, you are ready to decorate your rooms with positive phrases.

  • Decoration with Chevron Stripes

    When we embark on a new decorating project, usually we seek accomplish three tasks: to be faithful to the taste of those who occupy that environment, adjust the budget and be original.

    A trend that can incorporate into your office decor, is to use the so-called "lines or streaks Chevron". What are Chevron lines? They are merely decorative zigzag lines that can be used on your walls, patterned textiles or found in paintings and other decorative elements.

    The visual effect of Chevron stripes depend on key factors such as quantity, color and location thereof. In general, they bring dynamism to the environment; so they are very good in the decoration of offices for companies with young and modern profile, and co-working spaces. His abuse or mismanagement can result in a disturbing visual effect. Curiously, in a famous scene from the television series "Twin Peaks", the floor of the mythical red room has a chevron motif in black and white, highlighting the dream to the atmosphere.

    If you want to avoid these strange visual effects, you should look proportions and not to abuse the chevron patterns in your office decoration.

    When incorporating the chevron patterns, the most obvious is the search for patterns in fabrics: pillows, chairs, draperies, curtains with these motifs, the colors are to your liking. If you want, you will also find office items decorated with this pattern: pens, mouse pads for, covers for computers, etc.

    Some choose to form the zigzag walls with small pieces of ceramic or venecitas. Although the result is nice, it is extremely laborious and costly. The chevron pattern can be adapted to black and white, neutral or bright colors, and you can even get a "rainbow chevron".

    To complement your decor, it is best to always use your imagination. For example, you can order chairs or armchairs with a zig-zag to match the prints. Another interesting idea is to order shelves made especially with a zig-zag. You can send to paint in different colors to match the rest of your furniture.

    But the simple, clean, easy and versatile way to incorporate decorative patterns chevron to your project, are wall decals.

    Decorative Wall Decal for your Project

    The versatility of this material allows you to put chevron stripes where you like furniture, appliances, corners and can even place a wallpaper of this motif. By placing these lines in a corridor of your office, you will give the room a modern touch.

    You can order your wall decals in the size and colors that you like in our store. The combinations are endless, and there are even almost monochrome versions, with the zigzag of a single color, framed by an almost imperceptible fine line.

    The chevron stickers can be used to generate a dynamic environment in your work, either at home or in your office. Do not hesitate and start to renew your spaces with these ideas.

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