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Arabic Decoration

When we think of Arabia, the first thing that is represented are the great cultural differences presented regarding our Western society: religion, cuisine, customs and traditions, and also, why not, ideas about aesthetics and decoration.

Approaching different cultures is always fascinating; learn about the specifics of a away society that bears little resemblance to ours, will enrich us and help to keep our open mind.

In popular culture, Arabia is represented in flashy scenes, grand palaces filled with gold and riches, either expensive fabrics for making garments or to decorate environments. Also the mystery, warmth and sensuality immediately thinks of the suggestive dances.

These latter elements can help in decorating your bedroom: mystery, warmth and sensuality.


Here a few tips to bring Arabia to your bedroom and "travel" over there every night with the senses.

Arabic style is mainly characterized by abundance: abundance of colors, an abundance of material, plenty of accessories and furniture.

While dark colors like purple, brown, orange, ocher, red, embroidered are most found, you can encourage to the mix. A fuchsia and yellow cushion will look on a dark red bedspread.
The Arab fantasy can not be complete without the veils: for it incorporates a canopy in your bed, and hang him sheer fabrics of different colors.


The most suitable materials to respect this style are wood, clay for accesories and iron.

Something that is essential in this style, is the lighting: takes time to plan the location and intensity of the lamps. A faint, warm light give the final touch to your Arabian décor.

As to patterns, geometric shapes can occur in textiles, on the walls and even on the same support of the bed. But you need not take the job carefully and neatly paint the back of your bed or a wall in your room, this effect can be achieved more easily, clean and economical with the help of wall decals.

The wall decals will be helpful. In Vinilismo.com you can apply wall decals of a custom layout. If you do not know what reason choose, store decals offer a catalog in which you can choose the design that best suits your style and needs of your project.

Vinyl not only be placed on the walls of your room, but you can also incorporate them on glass, wood, appliances, mirror frames or edge on the same mirror, thousands of possibilities that your creative mind can find.


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