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Arabic or Moroccan Decor

If you want to give your home an exotic, intimate and cozy style, we suggest that you consider testing the Arabic or Moroccan decor. Thanks to the magic of the decoration, you will be able to move you to the heart of Arab culture experiencing all the sensations that you can give this style with its fabrics, carpets, curtains and other decorative elements. It's all about combining colors, fabrics and furniture properly and add characteristics to allow your environment to breathe the air of Arab culture elements.

In a first step, the issue of color is crucial to keep in mind. This style is characterized by the presence of intense and vibrant colors, as well as the sharp contrast between the elements. For walls, you can purchase wall decals with a design based on the theme or paint them in bright colors such as blue or violet generating contrasts with an orange, red or pink. Another alternative you have to avoid the atmosphere seems overloaded, is to paint the walls of soft, light colors (white, cream, beige) and leave the rest of the suggested colors for decorative items such as carpets, upholstery, etc.


Continuing the textile, fabrics used in this type of decoration are usually a bit extravagant, given the combination of strong colors. To explain this point we will stop in three key areas: carpets, cushions and fabrics.

1. Carpets: Carpets of Arabic and moroccan style are characterized by the most varied designs. However, it is essential that it be warm colors.

2. Cushions and upholstery: If you have a sofa you have an excellent opportunity to have an upholstered according to Arab style as well as cushions to combine and serve as a perfect complement. A point to consider is the amount. Arab decoration is defined by its abundance, which is quite normal to have several cushions in bright colors that together make harmony and achieve the desired effect.

3. Fabrics: With respect to fabrics, are very common silk, velvet and embroidered fabrics.


To decorate a room in Arabic style you can also buy wall decals chords, but what you cannot miss is a canopy bed. Besides being very romantic, will contribute to a unique atmosphere and incomparable style. And complementing this, the bed should ideally have wrought iron structures with various geometric figures. Meanwhile, in regard to the rest of the furniture it is important to note what reigns for most styles: no populate of furniture the environment. Just with a low table and a wardrobe wrought iron they are sufficient to combine with the bed.

Also, it is essential to add decorative elements beyond what environment you are decorating. As mentioned above, cushions and pillows should prevail in number and made of colorful and bright fabrics. In turn, you can incorporate Arab mosaics, mirrors and even colored glass objects such as vases. For its part, the lighting also plays an important role in this type of decoration, for which you can opt for wrought iron lanterns and bronze lamps Arabic style. The key is that the lighting is dim so that the atmosphere transmits us peace and tranquility.


In Vinilismo.com you can buy wall decals to complement your Arabian decor. Do not forget to ask us for the different models we have to offer.

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