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Austere Decoration

When we talk about austere decor, the first thing that comes to mind is how to decorate in an economical manner and without spending too many resources. However, that is not the idea of this article. From Vinilismo.com leading wall decals shop, we want to focus on austerity from the point of view of the elegant and decorative.

In general, an austere decor aims to provide a simple, understated, minimalist rustic and in some aspects but always without leaving the simplicity. The main slogan is the principle of "less is more".

Today, it is a style of decoration that is continually gaining adherents by the fact of having few elements in the environment, which often leads to not spend much money and in turn provides a picture of unique simplicity that generates better effect than other environments do not cause by having a slightly loaded decor.

As we mentioned above, we can adopt a minimalist air and also provide rustic touches to the environment that we want to decorate. Recalls that the fact that it is an austere decor, does not mean you have to be boring. In light of this, we can go to unfinished wood furniture and complement it with paint for the walls or minimalist wall decals. The key will always be used soft colors. Also, you can find a style determined by textures, upholstery and other decorative accessories.


Luminosity is a very important aspect that must also be taken into consideration. The importance of having large windows and curtains with soft and fine textures is essential to enjoy excellent natural lighting and have a bright atmosphere without having to equip lamps in every corner.

Recapitulating all the above, an austere decor must have light, minimalist, cool environments, and even decorated in soft neutral colors and unfinished to bring you that rustic touch that works as a good complement surfaces. Finally, and not least the amount of decorative elements should be fair and necessary to avoid losing the essence and focus to be obtained.


Thus seeks very careful about the fabrics, finishes, colors, upholstery and even wall decals to decorate your walls, depending on what you have discussed in this article and go out and play with the various combinations that world of decoration, particularly austere, it can provide. You will see as you will have a warm and friendly atmosphere in which you feel at ease and your visitors will get admired when get home.

Once you have achieved the austere decor in one of your rooms, we challenge you to stretch out what the rest of the house considering small variations that make you to keep the style but you avoid monotony or boredom to decorate your entire home in the same way. To accomplish this, you can for example, be combined with other trends decoration (perhaps a vintage or industrial one, etc) and see the amazing results you'll get.


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