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Baroque Style in Decoration

Decorating styles for homes are many and varied, allowing each person to choose one that best suits your personality, your tastes and your needs.

For those simple and quiet people there are minimalist lines. And for those who love the generosity of materials, colors and textures, there are also options. Among them is the baroque style.

The definition of "Baroque" is historical and is taken from the artistic movement born in the seventeenth century. The Baroque flooded all the arts: music, painting, and architecture. In Europe there are several classical buildings built in this style.


Tips for Achieving a Baroque Environment

While the Baroque style has softened from the original motion, the abundance of forms and details still representing it. Colloquially often define this style as "exaggerated or overloaded" and we could say that some of it is.

Therefore, to know the characterization of this trend, we must consider many variables: the decoration of walls, the colors, furniture, materials, whether or not of flowers and plants, prints, etc.

As for colors representing Baroque say that a basic to serve as a starting point can be a neutral color that will be enriched with the addition of various colors more intense hues like purple, gold, embroidered or the black. Fear not use them all together. The important thing is finding the right mix for the distribution of your palette.

The current produced by the abundance of these strong and dark colors can be smoothed with details in very bright colors: pearl white, gray very light.


In furniture style, you need to forget the straight lines. The baroque loves curved lines, so your task is to find furniture that meet this fundamental requirement. The couches and chairs should be low legs and, if possible, contain armrests in curved shapes.

Following the couches and chairs, choose those with fabrics like velvet upholstery. If they are upholstered in another material, gets an upholsterer to take care of the problem.

The prints in this style will be of arabesques, oriental forms or floral prints for both curtains and cushions to decorate walls.

At this point we stop, as paint to achieve this effect can be expensive and require professional help. To do this, we recommend using wall decals.


The vinyl can be used in your project decorative to give to the wall decoration the baroque style you're looking for.

Remember vinyl designs are customizable, and these are easy to install and remove and in a simple and clean installation.

If you have any questions or want some advice to decorate your home in the Baroque style (with or without wall decals), from Vinilismo.com we are waiting to advise you on what you need.

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