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Brick Wall… On the view

One of the latest trends in home decorating is seen on walls with interior bricks.
While the technique is used in any environment including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms it is very suitable and used in environments used as workspaces.
The use of walls of exposed brick industrial style is typical of a particular style of decoration born in America in the 50s Overall houses, industrial style is characterized by its eclecticidad, the use of materials not expensive and glamorous, exposure of bricks and pipes, metal furniture and rustic wood.


The brick walls are exposed well in the departments loft style, so characteristic of the 80 exposed brick walls can be built for that purpose or can be modified to have a wall in that aspect. In that case, the work should be done by a professional to prevent damage to the building structure.

The walls of exposed brick combine well with metal chairs and rustic wooden furniture. If the room has windows, much better. Natural light give life to the place.
The brick may be suitable for a workspace or informal, modern office.

While, as mentioned above, this type of decoration of houses is characteristic of industrial style, with a few simple modifications can be adapted to other decorative styles. Applying a layer of matte or glossy finish paint you can adapt the idea to the chosen style, providing both a personal and creative stamp on the merger.

If you do not have a wall of exposed brick and do not want to expose the cumbersome work, you can opt for the option of wall decals that mimic the texture of a brick wall.

Motif Wallpaper with Brickwork

A wallpaper or a self-adhesive vinyl with bricks is why the solution in cases where, for whatever reason do not own the possibility of such a wall.


The application of wall decals is easy, quick, clean and much cheaper than hiring someone to do the work of exposing the bricks of a wall in your home.

You can choose to apply the vinyl on a whole wall, two or all walls of the room. You can also choose the tone of the paper, either to imitate the classic brick reddish, or to experiment with other colors and to give a more personal decorating your home or workspace touch.

It is time to decide to experiment with this trend brickwork indoors, so popular today. Try it and see how easy it is to change the face of environment you want. Since Vinilismo.com you expect for you to make us get all your questions about how to decorate with brick, either your home or office.


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