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  • Add Nautical elements to Your Home

    In today's article, we will teach you how to decorate your home in a nautical theme or also known as seafaring. This type of decoration is ideal for holiday homes, hotels or apartments for tourism due to the characteristics of the colors that define them. However, in the world of decoration there are no rules and that is why if you like this style you can adopt for your home, even if you live in a big city.

    In turn, the nautical style is ideal if you have children to decorate their rooms. If this is your case, we suggest you choose a special theme such as boats or pirates and adds elements according to them. Custom wall decals with designs of pirates are a particular complement to decorate the room, sure your kids will love and make you feel in a special environment.


    Upon introduce in the nautical world, we cannot fail to refer to the typical colors: blue and white. However, they are not alone. You can supplement with green, red, beige or yellow. Beyond that, you should take into consideration that the colors also play a major role. Seeks to provide a relaxed and warm image that allows comfort and harmony in the environment. A final consideration regarding the colors we can make is that both the white and blue are special for use in walls either in the form of paint, walls or wall decals. However, a little more intense colors must leave them for elements that complement the decor.


    A feature of the nautical style are blue or red stripes. That is why it is very common that when adding nautical elements to the environment they have this common denominator, whether carpet, cushions or upholstery of a sofa. For curtains, there are people who like blue hues, but we recommend that they are white and a lightweight fabric, so as to allow a nice contrast would enhance the interior light. However, if you find it a little boring to have only white curtains, you can use any edges or have some detail in blue. Sure to be of great complement to the rest of the room decor.

    Regarding the furniture, the style of furniture should be rustic. No matter whether they are light or dark wood, what matters is its hardiness to be a good combination with curtains that we mentioned above. An extra tip: Try paint your furniture of white.


    Finally, to complement the decor you will add chords nautical elements. You can choose to use miniature ships in bottles with a ship inside, starfish, knots of rope and even paddles and anchors distributed throughout the environment. In turn, you can add on the walls maritime paintings and wall decals of something related to the topic.

    Remember not to saturate the environment, and you'll lose that feeling of relaxation and calm that are specific to the nautical theme.

  • Types of mirrors in decoration

    The magic of mirrors makes the space of the room appear larger than it really is. Therefore, it is essential the presence of such elements in any home decor to bring that feeling of more light and space they can offer you. The secret is knowing how to place them to achieve the desired effect.

    Today there is variety of mirrors of different sizes, shapes and styles, from those who are hanging up to standing, so if you want to use them to decorate your home, first of all you must choose the one that suits your taste, combining with decorating walls and meeting the goals that you propose.

    To begin, we'll give you some basic guidelines you need to consider:

    a) They must be placed in locations that give certain safeguards, so as to prevent breakage easily.

    b) Try to avoid placing mirrors against walls without any decor. If you have wall decals on the walls, you can use them to aim the mirror towards them. It could be some kind of floral wall decal to give the impression that there are two vinyls.


    c) Analyze all possibilities where are you positioning the mirror to prevent parts of the house you do not want to be in sight reflected.

    With regard to the best places to install them, the most traditional are the gateway, behind the bedroom doors or walls adjacent to the doors. With the latter, you can afford to play in order to evaluate which option provides more light and space. What we must avoid is to install one in the kitchen, and which by its nature is the least preferred place to place one. In short, below is a brief summary of the particular characteristics of mirrors according to the place they are to be installed.

    Mirror for the Bathroom

    When choosing a mirror for the bathroom, you should focus on analyzing a basic tip in the decoration of houses, as is the amount of space you have in him, so that it is a harmonious blend with the rest of the decor room. Beyond the number of options available, round or square, mirrors are ideal for a trendy look to your bathroom.


    Mirror for Room

    As I mentioned to the bathroom, you should try to make intelligent use of the mirror in the room, for example in combination with other furniture and decoration being consistent with the environment, either through wallpaper, decals or simply paint. For this type of environment, you have options as hanging mirrors or those that come with a stand and allow to focus the entire body.

     Mirrors in Hallways and Stairs

    Most of the halls are small and in some cases dark, sufficient grounds to place one or more mirrors. Ideally, that they are small and can accommodate such that seem fun.


    Facing Mirrors Window

    This is a great tip that rarely taken into account but thanks to the reflection coming from the window, allows the space to multiply, creating the effect of amplitude sought. Finally, we describe some types of mirrors so you can be making you an idea of which of them you think best suit your home. For example, you have flat mirrors which are those whose image is reflected inverted, curved, which may be convex or concave, which in this case reflect things in parallel to the axis and the squares are ideal for a home decor minimalist.


    In short if you want to decorate your home with mirrors you will find a wide array of options not only in form but also of styles and purposes to be achieved.

  • Tips for decorating with flowers

    The flowers are those simpler and cheaper to decorate a room and change the appearance of a simple way elements. Unless you choose those that are in season, the flower decoration is one of the best choices you can adopt because they are always readily available and given the variety in color and fragrance, have the ability to instantly transform the look of a room.

    In this article, we'll give you some tips so you can achieve a happy and fun decor with flowers. First, it is essential you choose flowers that are to your liking, considering the style of your home as well as the atmosphere you want to create. One virtue of the flowers is that they encourage a good mood and satisfaction of the people who are in that environment. And this is clearly marked by color and design that has the flower, so it is essential to know what atmosphere you want to create before you start decorating with flowers.

    Second, and related to the previous point, you must decide what color are the flowers that you will use to decorate your home. They have the power to express different emotions in each room, such as a relaxed place in your living room, a reassuring look in the bathroom, a state of somewhat more energetic mood in your office or a more sensual atmosphere in your room . With regard to colors, yellow flowers make you feel the most energetic people, expressing passion red, clear green express serenity and white reflect purity and cleanliness, among other options.

    decoracion floral 2

    decoracion floral 3

    Then it's time to move to different ways to decorate with flowers. You can choose to place wall decals with flower and accompany with a flower arrangement in the room. Also, another interesting option are potted plants indoor garden and if you can try to choose some chords for that site. However, it is critical that you have in consideration the characteristics of the flowers that are going to choose. For example, orchids are likely to have durability if you set them near a window, rather than in a closed place such as bathroom.

    decoracion floral 1

    The less desirable place to decorate with flowers is the kitchen, due to temperature changes and the smoke can be generated. However, the wall decals in this environment are a good alternative instead of placing floral arrangements.

    You see, so far we have described how to decorate with flowers in a general way in each environment. But you can also perform this type of decoration in a somewhat more personal and special way, especially if you have an event to go. Then we'll give you some options that you can be very useful and that go beyond a simple vase placed somewhere in your house:

    1. Wreaths, decorating the entrance.
    2. Edible flowers, ideal for decorating a drink.
    3. Petals in pots to decorate as centerpieces
    4. Floating flowers, simply to fill a glass of water and place a flower inside.

    decoracion floral 4

    Throughout this article, you may have noticed that definitely decorate with flowers is a cheerful and fun way to transform your home, whether for everyday or for special meetings. If you need wall decals to complement all these ideas, from Vinilismo.com we can assist and advise you which design would be the most suitable for you according to your purposes. Do not forget to consult us!

  • Achieving an Ethnic Decoration

    In the world of the current decor it is very common to see different cultures, colors and textures to decorate your home in a simple, fun way and give a picture of peace and tranquility in which you feel comfortable and let relax. In this regard, an interesting style that you can take is ethnic. While it is not very difficult to do, it is essential to take certain issues in order to maintain the right balance.

    Basically ethnic decor goes for incorporating elements that have natural colors make the room look good and stylish. It is characterized by eclectic, colorful and unique, in that it is very difficult to make a definition of what is ethnic decor, even though everyone knows what it is.

    1. Decide what design you’ll choose

    For starters, one of the points to consider is the choice of design. You can opt for example, by an African style, Middle East, American Indian, among others. Having decided this, you have to focus on the combinations of colors, decorative elements as well as wall decoration, which can be decorative stickers or just paint a suitable color. Generally, it is advisable to opt for different themes for each room of your house, as long as you avoid mixing within them to avoid giving the appearance of disorder. However, if you prefer something a little more daring can mix decorative elements of each culture. That's the fun of ethnic decoration and the possibilities are endless.

    blog1 elefante indu 1

    2. Focus Point

    Once you know which design you use, the next step is to start with an object to be your focal point in that decorate and combine with the rest. Among the options are more traditional, ethnic painting, sculpture, furniture, etc. An important aspect is its size (the bigger the better), but keep in mind not to overwhelm the space with too many decorations.

    blog1 img1

    3. Decorating

    This item includes not only the way in which you go to decorate (with wallpaper, wall decals or paint) but also the finishes and textures that you want for them. The positive Ethnic style is that there are multiple options which can be inspired.

    4. Place Furniture and Decorative Elements

    Once completed the decoration of walls is time to start choosing furniture and artifacts that are to complement and be in tune with the ethnic style. Try to find some interesting markets offer, attend auctions or even shop online. A common misconception is that ethnic way to decorate, you need to incur large expenses acquiring antiques. However, if your budget is not as bulky as you would like, try creating your own decorations. You dare?

    Finally, it is critical that you follow your instinct. If you like a particular object or color and everyone will contradict or, for example, tell you not combine a carpet with the color of the wall but you like it, trust in you and really do what you please. The important thing is that the end result makes you happy and can relax and enjoy it.

    blog1 img2

  • Getting a timeless decor

    In the modern world we are used to see how everything changes. From fashion, customs and how could it be otherwise the world of interior design and decoration of houses not far behind. However, despite all the new trends that may appear, it is possible to maintain a design beyond time. We are talking specifically about the timeless decor, in which we will focus in this article.

    Firstly, we must make it clear that the timeless decor is based on one that once chosen the style should be maintained and renovated in function over time, so as to keep alive the design without letting pass to be outdated. To do this, we will give you some tips that you can implement:

     a) Minimalist Essence

    Less has always been, is and will be more. This is a golden rule that persists over the years. Basically it means having the furniture and accessories you need and discard the rest. The premise is that a room can be seen properly when color, furniture, lighting and other elements are easily highlighted and ultimately complement each other as well as being proportional to the space of the room. Consequently, avoids populate of furniture the environment or you will lose the effect you want to achieve.


    b) The Importance of Color
    The color is a key to bring you warmth to the room element. Painting the walls of modern colors it may be outdated with the passage of time, so the best you can do to keep the essence of color is to use accessories, such as wall decals.

    Choose classic colors to paint the walls and upholstery while simultaneously combine with drapes, cushions and carpets a little more colorful result together a good variety. Finally, consider carefully select ornaments, paintings and objects of art with bright colors to add depth to the room and make it more alive.


    c) Functional Furniture
    Whatever furniture you choose, they should be functional. Avoid making purchases that do not comply with this feature. For example, buy a glass table can be an invitation for any time can cause blight. Consequently, as a rule in the decoration of houses you have to consider that the furniture is made to be used and not For this reason, focus on functional furniture also are durable in time.

    d) Comfort
    Your home is the place where comfort should be a fundamental premise. For this reason, it is important that when you consider decorating That will make you focus on things that make you really feel good.

    e) Quality is better than quantity
    No need to fill your shelves with ornaments or objects of art. Try to acquire more quality than quantity and for sure will achieve highlight the environment. Remember that everything must be proportional to the space that accounts and be balanced. Balancing the accessories will be what the end of the day will give a touch of distinction you need. Therefore, you should not forget the wall decals are key to help you achieve that balance.


    Since Vinilismo.com, specializing in wall decals store, we hope that these suggestions will be useful to achieve the desired timeless decor in your home.

  • Choosing the Right Closet

    The closet is probably one of the most used and important furniture in the house, so choosing the right is an extremely important decision. The choice should not only base it on their looks but also need to consider the durability factor as well as the size and weight. An equally important aspect is also the theme of wall decoration. Therefore, with the intention to facilitate your decision, then we will give you some suggestions that will be of much use to choose your perfect wardrobe.

    1) The cabinet should meet your needs:
    Before you go shopping for your wardrobe, it is necessary that you take time to consider exactly what your main needs. Considering this aspect, it is surely likely to think if you prefer a closet with shelves and drawers or simply with a hanging rod. Therefore, to buy a functional wardrobe, undoubtedly, it is essential that you stop to examine these considerations.

    2) Take appropriate action

    Linked to the previous point, before buying your wardrobe have to make sure to measure the space you have available to put it. A point to consider is the way the doors open and how they affect the space of the environment, but depending on how much you have to consider the option of adopting sliding doors as an alternative optimization of the same. In short, remember to make the corresponding measurements, not only wide but also tall.

    3) Cabinet Decoration

    When choosing a cabinet, consider those who have a similar decoration that you have in the wall of your room and the rest of the furniture you have in it. This is so that the cabinet does not look out of place nor as an object that does not combine with other elements of the environment. A council that will serve much is to take a few pictures of your room to make it easier to imagine how would look the cabinet you choose. You can also apply some wall decals to give a special touch to your closet, we assure you that with this detail your wardrobe will be unique.

    4) Find Different options Stores

    Do not make the big mistake that most do: go straight to a particular store and search the closet that is more relevant to your tastes. Before any purchase, we recommend you first look different business, find out models, prices and facilities of payment to make the final decision. In turn, if something urgent may suit you wait to buy on special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year or season settlement dates, as it is highly likely that you can best get discounts if you buy it at any other time .

    Finally, from Vinilismo.com specializing in wall decals store, we dedicate a separate paragraph if your idea is to buy the wardrobe online. If that's the case, before making any purchase, investigates comments, criticisms and opinions of the customers not only the product but also acquired the online store you're visiting, so as to minimize the possibility of fraud or scam. And of course, do not buy without guarantees and without knowing the delivery period to avoid future misunderstandings. With these tips you'll be sure that you will be able to choose the right wardrobe for your room.

  • How to decorate the baby's room?

    In moments of sweet expected, a topic that excites and motivates parents is how to decorate the room of your future child. Anxiety makes parents are willing to do everything possible to give the best welcome to the newborn baby. Some choose to paint the walls in light colors, others to install wallpaper or wall decals as well, there are those more traditional parents who are inclined decorative objects rather than decorate the walls. For this reason, the purpose of this article will be able to help you have the best decorating your baby deserves telling the most important aspects that have to be considered. The objective is abundantly clear: Provide form a warm, friendly and comfortable environment for your baby.

    Let's start with the color of the bedroom. Usually, the most popular colors are those of soft colors such as beige, blue or pink. In this regard, you should avoid decorating the room with colors too strong. The reason is simple. Being so small, have not yet developed senses completely and is highly likely to feel upset and over-stimulated if they perceive a strong color, which will prevent them relax and fall asleep. For this reason, often used the light blue for boys and light pink for girls.


    Following bedroom decor, many parents choose to place kids wall decals. This kind of vinyl, besides being very easy to install and remove, will provide the environment a fun image that having a smooth wall painted a single color.


    Another point to consider is the level of ventilation that will have the room. Babies are very sensitive about everything that happens around them, which should pay close attention to ventilation bedroom to prevent it affects the health of your baby. In this context, you should not place the baby playpen near to the window avoiding the baby gets sick.

    The third thing to consider is lighting. Like wall decor should be soft and comfortable, through a clear light that prevents the baby can dazzle and uncomfortable. At night, it is recommended that the lighting be softer than during the day to allow relaxation of the baby and can fall asleep harmoniously.

    In regard to the bedding, both the sheets, like pillows, blankets, bedspreads, etc. is ideal that match the decor of the room. If for example, you have chosen kids wall decals with animals, you can buy bedding with puppies or kittens that match the wall. A tip that you should never forget, is to wash the bedding once a week to maintain the cleanliness of the room.


    Finally, when buying a playpen and bassinet, the safety aspect is the priority that both elements must be met. The playpen should be sturdy and strong enough for the baby to sleep as well as daytime play. In turn, must be lined with a soft pad to prevent the baby from being hurt if he hits accidentally.

    We hope these tips be useful and you can decorate your baby's room comfortable. In Vinilismo.com will be willing to help you and advise you on the best styles of decoration for your baby.

  • How to decorate a bathroom?

    The bathroom is a very important place to start adding value to your home. The priority of this article will introduce ideas about what items you can incorporate into your bathroom, for example some wall decals to transform the look and feel of that environment creatively and give your own personality.

    One of the first things to consider is the color scheme you have in your bathroom. This is because depending on how you decorate the walls, this will have a direct influence on the color of objects you choose. For example, you can decorate the bathroom in a different way with wall decals of any particular design to bring you a different perspective.


    The color of bathroom accessories or objects may also influence the style you want to provide. As an example, collocate a shower curtain, towels and rugs green with silver accessories achieve a harmonious combination with sink, toilet and even the tiles that are usually white. Meanwhile, if you want a slightly more glamorous and modern style can go to purple with white trim, or a grayish hue to provide a classic and sophisticated look.

    If you have a vanity cabinet with doors and drawers, a good idea is to buy fabric lined baskets where you can store items neatly and store them inside the cabinet. Similarly, with regard to the drawers you can buy trays with compartments for storing different things like makeup, orderly manner.

    In turn, in bathrooms that have a sort of counter (usually white), you can add some decorative elements that give more style to the environment. In this context, if you have perfume on the counter, it is advisable to place them above a mirrored tray. And since we mention trays, you can also buy some special decoration and place rolled towels. You will see how these two changes will achieve a different bathroom.


    At the same time, you can buy decorative boxes (gray with white trim is an elegant combination) that allow you to save makeup, brushes, etc. Also, it is a good idea to buy some bottles for storing sponges, bath salts and soaps, which when not in use will add a decorative attractive touch to the bathroom.

    If you have a small bathroom, ideally optimize spaces and for this, you can place a basket in black in front of the toilet to store, for example, rolls of toilet paper. A ledge of the same color can place it at half height above the toilet to put decorative items like candles or ornaments.


    Finally, if you are a person who likes creativity and originality, you can put wall decals on the toilet or in the sink with some funny figure or even a picture of a place that interests you. In Vinilismo.com we can satisfy your expectations because we have custom designs. Therefore, we invite you to visit us and let us know your concerns of decoration to advise you the right way.


  • Tips for choosing the perfect sofa

    Choosing a sofa for your home, in many cases can be a difficult decision because of the number of options , styles and designs currently on the market. That is why the purpose of this article is to give you some tips for picking the perfect sofa that fits your needs. 

    The Style 

    When buying a sofa, one of the first things to choose is the style, which depend on a number of factors. First, it is important to assess the available space where you want to place the sofa, so deciding what size would be best suited. Secondly, it is important to note that the style of sofa combine with the decor of the environment. For example, if you go to a store stickers to decorate your walls in a fun, creative and engaging way, the style of your sofa should go in line with that decor. However, if your decor is more traditional a simple sofa with similar characteristics will be a very good choice. 


    Fabric and Structure 

    The importance of the fabric lies in the fact of choosing a nice texture and the feeling that it is intended to achieve. The primary objective is that the couch be comfortable and durable, so it depending on what material is to your liking, you'll take the necessary precautions to ensure that durability. For example, if you have small children it is best to opt for a high strength fabric.

    Meanwhile, in regard to the structure needs to be robust and made ​​of high quality materials to allow a longer life of the sofa. 

    Optional Additional Features 

    Among all the options available couch, find those that meet only that functionality, as well as those that are multifunctional. We are speaking specifically of the sofa beds. For example, if you live in a studio apartment it is likely that a sofa bed be a very smart choice of your part. With it, you save to buy your bed and thus have more space available. 

    Consequently, depending on the lifestyle you have and the comforts of your home, these additional features may find useful. 


    According to the Budget 

    If you've seen a sofá and you've liked the style, fabric, structure and additional features, before buying please note that it fits your budget. What is this? Is it mandatory to make a budget before buying a sofa? 

    While it is not required, it is advisable to consider how much money you are willing to spend to pay your coveted couch. The purpose of this is to prevent you from unnecessary way into debt and get carried away by your emotions to see that you found the sofa you consider perfect for you. 

    Once you have your armed budget (or at least an idea of ​​how much money you have available to spend) it's time to start searching for the best sofa that suits your needs. A first step, undoubtedly is to use the internet. In addition to finding great choices of sofas, you can visit any wall decals store that achieve to complemet the home decor.   


  • What color curtains should be?

    The curtains are a key element in the decoration of every environment , because not only help to improve the look of it but also influence the amount of outdoor lighting that will allow to entry. The first thing you should consider is to think about what environments shall set them . Thus, for example , is not the same a curtain to the kitchen, a dining room or on the bedroom or bathroom. Then another thing to consider is, what needs would you like to satisfy and how much space do you account, as the style and color of your curtain will vary depending on whether you wish to provide privacy, darkness or it is just a simple decorative element. 


    An example of the above may be that the purpose of a curtain in the bedroom is to provide privacy and darkness, so in that case it is not advisable to choose light colors. However, in the living room or dining room where the priority surely be the natural light, light colors like white or pastels are an excellent alternative to choose from, as well as giving a very good lighting create an image of a broader environment.


    In turn , another factor to consider is the walls decoration of the room in which you want to install the curtain, as well as the color and style of furniture existed. For this reason, there are many points to consider, this article is intended as a basic guide indicative of the best choices of colors for your curtains.

    To decorate a room, the condition to be met is that the curtains look very similar to the walls of the room tone. For example, if the goal is to decorate a room with a classic or formal tone, such as a study hall for example, we recommend using colored damask curtains, silk or velvet. But if the tone is a bit more casual curtain fabric with linen or cotton can be an interesting option.

    Regarding to the kitchen, a very good option are the curtains with floral prints, which are also resistant to moisture and smoke.

    And finally, when it comes to dark colors, it is noteworthy that these usually are widely used in large rooms whose walls are painted in bright colors, as this combination provides an opportunity to have a much more balanced and harmonious decoration. Under this, an interesting suggestion that you can adopt is a wall decoration clear tone, allowing you to install a curtain of any dark color that appeals to you.


    An excellent choice could also be that your curtains will combine with the wall decals to give an appearance of harmony to the room.

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