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  • 5 Reasons a Vinyl Animal Mural is Right for Your Child’s Bedroom

    If you’re a parent and you haven’t yet discovered vinyl animal murals, you’re missing out. Animal murals make  great addition to your child’s bedroom—better perhaps than posters, paintings or wallpapers. So what’s the big deal about them? Here’s five reasons they belong in every kid’s bedroom:


    1. Because kids love animals. If there’s one thing that’s true of pretty much any kid, it’s that they absolutely love animals. These murals make a natural addition to any child’s room, adding color, life and interest while also captivating their imagination. You can choose one that matches your child’s favorite animal or take several and put them on different walls or areas.
    2. 2Vinyl murals are priced for a parent’s budget. Decorating a child’s bedroom isn’t cheap—and if you had stencil and hand paint an animal mural you’d either need to hire a professional or be one yourself. Vinyl murals offer an affordable alternative. Many large poster-size murals cost as little as $30 and even full wall-size murals are less expensive than wallpaper and other traditional decorations. Yet for this low price you get a highly detailed, vivid full-color decoration that puts a smile on your child’s face.
    3. They’re hard to damage. Vinyl murals are basically made for kids. Yes, kids tend to spill, scuff, bump, pull, yank, and drop just about anything they come in contact with. But they are extremely kidproof. The vinyl is stain resistant and even marker can often be washed off. At the same time, vinyl is difficult for kids to tear or damage and extremely lightweight and safe. It’s the ideal wall decoration for kids.
    4. They’re easy to change. What if your kid’s taste in animals changes? What if they don’t want murals as they grow older? Or what if you need to make the room look “normal” in order to sell the house? Murals are easy to put up and easy to take down, leaving little trace that they were ever there.
    5. The selection is endless. Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider animal murals for your kid’s room is just the pure selection. The range of different animal murals available is startling and you and your family will have fun picking out the right one for your kid’s room.


    Are you considering vinyl animal murals for your kid’s bedroom? What animals are you looking at?

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