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  • Geometric Decoration

    If you are looking for inspiration to renew your home or office decoration, the geometric style is an excellent choice that fits all spaces.

    When you start a process of decorating homes or offices, you must first decide what you want to convey. Elements such as lines, colors and lighting, influence how each space is perceived. Therefore it is necessary to first understand the effect geometric shapes in decoration, so you know place and combine it correctly.

    With the geometric style you will achieve:

    1.- Provide dynamism: the geometric design applied on large surfaces, creates an illusion of movement and makes the energy flow in the spaces.

    2.- Generate a strong sense of order: for this you must use perfect symmetrical designs.
    3.- Create a focus of visual impact: if the design is intricate and incorporated strategically, for example in a large box or in the upholstery of an armchair.

    Tips to Incorporate Geometric Decoration

    You can plan an entire room of your home decorating project with geometric patterns, or add to an already decorated room.

    Lines and geometric shapes adapt to many styles. You can choose a combination of black and white for a minimalist style, but dosing the role of design. If you want a retro style, you can not miss a print in colors like yellow, red and brown.

    The geometry also present in ethnic colors, with patterns that repeat especially in textiles.
    You can combine more than one geometric print, but you must be careful not to overload the space visually, and always take care of the harmonious combination of colors.

    For children rooms, it is interesting to combine geometric decorative elements that also function as didactic elements.

    Geometric Wall Decal Designs

    A very simple, economical and clean way to incorporate geometry in your spaces is the use of wall decals.

    You can use a wallpaper and cover an entire wall with a geometric design. This can be done without the need to cover all the furniture as if it would be if you used paint. Furthermore, the vinyl ensures prolixity geometric design.

    Another option is to place vinyl as pictures or loose forms on a smooth wall. To do this, you must measure very well the location of the wall decals to achieve greater impact.

    Look the catalog of the wall decal store to find a design that surprise you, or request a custom design. There are figures that give illusion of volume, creating focus of attention in the rooms.

    The offices are also ideal places for a decoration with geometric motifs. The forms will add a modern, innovative and impactful look to your workspace. Vinyls are very good on the walls of the stairs, and allow to life and dynamism to a place that is often out of the projects.

    One of the advantages of vinyl is that it is possible to renew your space without spending much money and without causing discomfort, as they are very easy to remove and install.
    Now that you know how, dare to renew your spaces with geometric decoration.

  • Decoration with Chevron Stripes

    When we embark on a new decorating project, usually we seek accomplish three tasks: to be faithful to the taste of those who occupy that environment, adjust the budget and be original.

    A trend that can incorporate into your office decor, is to use the so-called "lines or streaks Chevron". What are Chevron lines? They are merely decorative zigzag lines that can be used on your walls, patterned textiles or found in paintings and other decorative elements.

    The visual effect of Chevron stripes depend on key factors such as quantity, color and location thereof. In general, they bring dynamism to the environment; so they are very good in the decoration of offices for companies with young and modern profile, and co-working spaces. His abuse or mismanagement can result in a disturbing visual effect. Curiously, in a famous scene from the television series "Twin Peaks", the floor of the mythical red room has a chevron motif in black and white, highlighting the dream to the atmosphere.

    If you want to avoid these strange visual effects, you should look proportions and not to abuse the chevron patterns in your office decoration.

    When incorporating the chevron patterns, the most obvious is the search for patterns in fabrics: pillows, chairs, draperies, curtains with these motifs, the colors are to your liking. If you want, you will also find office items decorated with this pattern: pens, mouse pads for, covers for computers, etc.

    Some choose to form the zigzag walls with small pieces of ceramic or venecitas. Although the result is nice, it is extremely laborious and costly. The chevron pattern can be adapted to black and white, neutral or bright colors, and you can even get a "rainbow chevron".

    To complement your decor, it is best to always use your imagination. For example, you can order chairs or armchairs with a zig-zag to match the prints. Another interesting idea is to order shelves made especially with a zig-zag. You can send to paint in different colors to match the rest of your furniture.

    But the simple, clean, easy and versatile way to incorporate decorative patterns chevron to your project, are wall decals.

    Decorative Wall Decal for your Project

    The versatility of this material allows you to put chevron stripes where you like furniture, appliances, corners and can even place a wallpaper of this motif. By placing these lines in a corridor of your office, you will give the room a modern touch.

    You can order your wall decals in the size and colors that you like in our store. The combinations are endless, and there are even almost monochrome versions, with the zigzag of a single color, framed by an almost imperceptible fine line.

    The chevron stickers can be used to generate a dynamic environment in your work, either at home or in your office. Do not hesitate and start to renew your spaces with these ideas.

  • Wild Decoration

    Sometimes we feel that our spaces may reflect a little of our natural or "wild" side. One way to print a bit of nature into our bedroom, living room or dining room, is the theme of jungle.

    To make our environment issue these wild vibrations, the options are varied; but you must take into account certain premises:

    • Do not abuse the details: the case of a wild scenery, feel the temptation to fill the room with replicas of animals and natural or synthetic leather. But do not abuse them or look like the house of a taxidermist. And beware: if you wear a leopard wallpaper for your decorating walls, you'd better avoid them in your armchairs and curtains.
    • Avoid natural skins: Buying natural skins or items from animals (ivory, animal heads dissected, etc.) you are promoting hunting wild animals. We know that you like but don’t look better running through the jungle?
    • Choose a focal point: if you have a special piece for your wild decoration, can make all combine and turn around it.

    Animal-print patterns can function as a focal point, but also as a neutral color. Everything will depend on the size and the colors print, and decorative environment. A simile armchair with leopard print in a room where everything else is smooth, no doubt will be highlighted; however if it is a zebra with fine lines in a room decorated in black and white, will go more unnoticed. The pattern may be present in all your objects: furniture, paintings, curtains, and even your appliances through the use of wall decals.

    Replicas animals, prefer synthetic and ceramics, glass and porcelain. In addition to caring for nature, you'll be sure not to overload the environment.

     Wild Decor with Wall Decals

    Another option you can explore is to give a wild touch to your room by decorating walls. The animal-print pattern can be in one of your walls if you cover it with a wallpaper that ground. You can also place wall decals in your refrigerator, or any of your furniture. Remember that wall decals adhere to a variety of surfaces.

    When we think wild decorated walls, the first thing that comes to mind is the animal-print pattern, but you can also find a mural with a beautiful face tiger or a lion that gives prominence to your walls. You can also place giraffes or elephants spy on you behind a sofa. The inclusion of houseplants accentuate the wild style of your surroundings. You can play with this, and put animal murals hidden behind plants. A fun option is to simulate a corner with a liana jungle interior and placed behind a wall that is integrated with the plant. You feel you are in the middle of the jungle.

  • Winter Colors must be in your Decor

    Professionals who work with the image, and especially interior decorators know that there is a science of color.

    The colors influence our emotions, our feelings and are able to change our moods. There are even alternative therapies that use this situation as color therapy, to assist in their treatment.

    What does this have to do with the winter colors? Temperatures also affect our personality and mood. In most often negatively.

    Apparently, cold cuts us and makes us sedentary, and that time alone leads us to reflect on our life very pessimistic way.

    So today, our proposal for winter colors will be twofold: first, crossing the colors traditionally used in places with hostile climates, and on the other, do a "color therapy against the effects of winter." Do you like?

    If you're looking for a winter color to cover one or more of your walls, either with paint or wallpaper, you should focus on warm colors. And do not forget white: this color, while recalling the snow, combine perfectly with the warm. Besides white you can afford beige, cream and bone. Brown and chocolates are also a good choice. To contrast a bit with these colors, you can add details to a cute red tone or incorporate an original tone rose quartz. This color combine perfectly with the warm brown. In the room of a teenager, you can put wallpaper with Victorian or floral motifs that combine these two colors.

    As for emotions, see the colors that are used to combat depression and sadness, for inclusion in our winter project as a great wallpaper that protect us from negativity during the cold season.

    The best advice is to administer doses of color. For example, colors like red, yellow and orange convey positive feelings, action, joy and vitality, but it is advisable to put details in contrast with the colors of big surfaces. For example, if the wall is beige, red cushions placed or made in shapes and details wall decals. For this you can choose from models available in our store, or order a particular reason that you like.

    Lighting is also important. While low intensity is cozy and nice place to rest, you can also negatively affect your mood. Ideally, have two lamps: a generally more intense and clear, and a smaller, soft and warm, which can also serve as a decorative element if comes as a stylish floor lamp.

    Avoid placing large areas of black or gray. You can incorporate in small doses by figures in wall decals, or preferably corrugated thin lines.

    Whatever method you choose, be sure to decorate this winter your home to your liking so you can enjoy it to the fullest.


  • Your Apartment on 50's style

    The variety of styles of decoration that there is innumerable. Some styles are inspired by the culture, art, social movements, exotic and, of course, history. Today we suggest a trip to the past, to remember and relive those years and to bring some of it to incorporate it in our decor.

    Many historical eras serve as inspiration in the fashion and decor. You must find the one that best represents or approaching your tastes and personality. However, the idea of reproducing a room like an exact replica of a house in the 50's, may not be the most appropriate. Increasingly, the vintage styles mixed with modern, to find that special balance that gives a unique touch to our environments. So, if you want a decoration with the style of the 50s, you should start down antique shops and fairs rummage to find that original jewel will be the center of attention in your room. And for the modern ingredient, nothing better than to visit our wall decals store to complement your decor.

    What is the 50's Style?

    The style of the 50's can be popularly known as "retro" although this designation covers the styles of the decades. To understand what is generally the retro style, a point of reference is the television series Mad Men. It is set in the decade of the last century. In general, the style characteristics can be summarized as follows:

    1. Furniture simple, straight lines, including its legs, which are mostly cylindrical.
    2. Wood with other materials are alternated.
    3. Appear chairs welded metal base and modular armchairs.
    4. As for the colors, find the "strong" orange, yellow and red tones.
    5. The patterns can be geometric shapes. You can adding thereto the modern touch to place wall decals incorporating your plan. In our shop you'll find options decals that will suit your project, and can also arrange a custom design.

    Wall decals for your Retro Vibe

    When you decide to go to our wall decals store, you keep in mind that you can choose from thousands of designs and different patterns, but you can also request special design designed exclusively for your room.

    One possibility to choose from, is to cover an entire wall with a print vinyl moles. Another, more daring but more modern, is seeking a vinyl silhouette representing a characteristic artifact of the time, such as an old radio.

    It will be easily recognizable and give the final touch to your room with the 50's style. A design of this type can be placed in the room behind and above a modular sofa, or can be placed on a coffee table cylindrical legs and rounded edges.

    Now that you have the information, put to work to achieve your own style of the 50's.

  • Decorating spaces with Wallpaper

    Give importance to the walls of your rooms is a smart and efficient way to deal with your decorating project. The walls have great visual impact being the largest room surfaces. Thus, painting a wall with a smooth color is wasting a great opportunity.

    The best way to leverage your walls to add to the decor, is the use of wallpaper.

    The wallpaper covering imperfections of your walls, hidden spots and blemishes and gives new life to the environments. The wall decals also have the advantage of adapting the size of the walls. Do you have wall space that has become empty next to a library? You can place there a custom vinyl with any form.

    You should not limit yourself to buy a wallpaper covering all the walls of the room. Harnesses the power and versatility offered by wall decals. The geometric patterns can create interesting visual effects, such as to show a higher than it actually is ceiling. Floral prints can give your living room or bedroom a touch of romance and femininity that you are looking for. There are even versions that have a touch of humor that can be used in a space of young job.

    If you have a design in mind, you can order in our store. It is a highly customizable material. If large prints are not your thing, or do you prefer a solid color that predominates, there are wallpaper borders made with vinyl, which will give that finishing touch to your wall.

    In turn, you can find a variety of children's designs for children's rooms.

    Advantages of Decorating with Wall Decals

    They are versatile: They come in various prints and colors. They can be used on walls, but also on other surfaces. Some people even decorate their furniture (tables, libraries) and appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens) with special motives made with vinyl. There are also designs with textures and visual effects.

    They are easy to install: Its placement does not take much time and no need of special materials. They can be placed by anyone, ie it is not necessary to hire a specialist. Their placement is clean and does not require empty room or cover the furniture as if you must when you paint a room. Removing them is even easier, making them a suitable choice for those who get bored quickly and need vary it periodically the decoration. Do not require special drying time and depend on the weather to place better, do not emit toxic gases and strong odors. Therefore, you can place your vinyl or wallpaper anytime of the day.

    Decorating with vinyl offers many possibilities allowing you to leave your imagination and your creativity put into play. But also let you save time by choosing to place a clever design if you do not feel particularly inspired. Remember that the vinyls are easily adapted to the particular needs of your decorating project.

  • Scandinavian Style Decor

    Scandinavian style is a blend of tradition and modernity since its beginnings go back to the 50's but today is a style that still exists in the world of decoration. It is commonly said that it is a style characterized by its authenticity and freshness. Therefore, in this article we will be giving you an overview of the most important characteristic of the Scandinavian style so you can decorate your home in this way.

    Basically, this style has its roots in their own local materials (such as natural woods, leather, cotton and even flax), regional crafts and the characteristic landscape of the Nordic countries. Its premise number one is the use and exploitation of natural light, which enters through large windows. This is because in the Scandinavian region often have little natural light and environments that attempt to be comprehensive and very good light. It follows that the most important color and character almost always in this style is white, which can be replaced by lighter shades.


    In line with the above, in the decoration of walls it is just important that you choose light colors, either white, ivory or beige. In turn, it is very common to place frames, tables and shelves with the intention of providing a warm and friendly to the environment climate, so if you decide to incorporate these elements, we recommend playing with two shades of white to highlight those objects.

    One tip that you can be very useful is that you play with photo frames of various sizes, which ideally should be combined with natural wood and light colors. In this way, you'll see how you can make it look the same environment in a completely different way.


    A fundamental aspect of this style is that the functionality factor plays a major role. So you can see large windows, high ceilings and spacious rooms as their own and outstanding characteristics of Scandinavian style.

    Regarding furniture, white sofas combined with natural woods are very characteristic of this style. At the same time, it is very common to notice the peculiarity of furniture in general that combine straight with gentle curves creating a sense of harmony and balance. The floor also has its role. Ideally Wood suggests that they are in light colors to help make the space seem very large as mentioned above.

    Finally, as with all decor you'll need items or ornaments that complement decorating walls, furniture and materials used. A good idea are the pots of brass on jute bags, so using rustic materials typical of this style that you will provide a raw and natural picture. In turn, attempts to add green plants in order to provide freshness to the environment. Beyond that, when you add decorative elements you have to make sure to be made of ceramic and glass, ideal materials to blend in with the rest of the decor.

    As you may have noticed, unlike other styles we have not mentioned the wall decals as a consideration in wall decoration. While the Scandinavian style has a modern profile, we believe that such decorative elements can hinder the decoration of it. Therefore, replacing wall decals we recommend installing some light tone wallpaper to provide great light to the environment.


    Since Vinilismo.com we are at your disposal for any kind of advice you need when decorating your home to Scandinavian style.

  • Tudor Style Decor

    The Tudor style is a style of decoration of houses based on the sophistication and elegance typical of its origins. Its beginnings date from the late fifteenth century and come from the English medieval architecture. Given their unique characteristics, we intend to decorate your home teach the Tudor style. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully read this article where we will give the main guidelines for your home breathes a refined and aristocratic style that will make it unique and incomparable.

    To begin, you should know that Tudor-style houses have a framework of wooden beams characteristic black or dark brown wooden and very steep roofs and gables known. These characteristics are given by definition in Tudor style. However, if your home is far from resembling architecturally not mean you cannot accomplish your goal of decorating anyway this.


    Something that cannot fail in the decoration of Tudor houses are wooden paneling on the walls, as well as promote the use of carpets, fabrics and tapestries to decorate the walls. Unlike other styles, the wall decals are not a recommended option if you want to provide a refined image. However, a wallpaper and framed with dark wood colors could be an interesting alternative.


    Another very typical Tudor style element are the textures. Whether dealing with curtains, carpets, cushions and tapestries, and the predominant colors are usually gold, red and blue. It is critical that all these elements revolve around these colors, but for example in the case of the carpet, you can dispense with whenever you have put a wooden floor, which will be an element in your decor.

    Regarding furniture, the ideal is to acquire own period furniture, which are very similar to the Gothic since are characterized by dark wood and large. Even, you can also find furniture with carved details. Then it's time to move to the decorative elements. Par excellence, the most famous are the ancient shields and showcases with objects inside. Canopy beds we saw in the Arab style are also part of this style and anyone glassware, porcelain and shiny metal will be more than welcome addition to a wrought iron chandelier.

    blog1 (1)

    Finally, when it comes to lighting we recommend that you install chandeliers as well as some wall lamps.

    You see the decoration of Tudor-style houses is not a kind of economic decoration, since the objects that compose it are usually very costly, hence it is a very distinguished and refined style. Anyway, if you want to indulge you can try to decorate your home this way and play to belong to the aristocracy. From Vinilismo.com leading wall decals store, we can advise and clear all your doubts to transform your home into an aristocratic and distinguished atmosphere.

  • Tuscan-style decor

    This time, we will introduce the Tuscan-style decor. If you've never heard of it, we are sure that this article will be of great interest. And if you already know, with certainty, will serve as inspiration for decorating your home this way.

    By way of introduction we say that the Tuscan style has its origins in ancient Italy. Its main idea is to reflect the nature and simplicity, something that no doubt can be achieved with little money and a dose of creativity. Among its salient features rustic and warm highlights. Whereupon, without further ado we will set out the elements that must take into account if you want to decorate your home with this style.

    In a first step, we note that the Tuscan decor uses warm colors. In light of this, it is expected that the houses containing its walls painted a shade to earth style, ie colors such as orange, olive green, brown and even beige. And while adding gold and / or reds can be a nice combination. However, if you prefer to place custom wall decals of this colors to avoid having to paint the walls, they are also an option.


    Once the subject of the walls are done, you should continue with the floor. Mud floors or terracotta are the most common in the Tuscan style. The main advantage of adopting this kind of floor is that you will achieve give a feeling of warmth and color at the same time, ideal if your home is a bit cold. However, if these options will look very rustic, you can change choosing floors of stone or wood, but if you do, we recommend that you include any own carpet Tuscan style, so as not to lose the essence.

    As we mentioned above regarding the floors, these materials can also be applied to antique furniture, which surely can get in antique shops or second hand. As a result, managed to give your home a strong and rustic, basic postulates of this kind of decoration. Given that requires this rustic style, it is not advisable to use wall decals on furniture, as we have suggested itself in other types of decoration.


    Among these antiquities we discussed recently, some typical Tuscan style pieces happen to be vessels, columns, pieces of Roman art and even candles with wrought iron sconces. In line with the latter, in life, balance it is necessary. And the same can be achieved this way, through the presence of metal residing with the elements already mentioned above. For this reason, the wrought iron is an excellent option that is also present in decorative items such as lamps can also be, in furniture so that together complement the decor.


  • How To Decorate to the Nordic Style

    The Nordic style decor is a type of decoration that is characterized by simple, minimalist, calm and fully functional. Comes from the coldest areas of the planet and furniture made from pine are characteristic of this kind of decoration. It has its origins in the early 50's and with the passing of the years it was gaining popularity, mainly Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, Icelanders and Danes. In today's article, from Vinilismo.com, shop leader in wallpaper and decorations, we will give you some basic guidelines so you can adopt this style in your home decor in an easy, simple and fast way.

    One of the principles that rules the Nordic style is symmetry. Symmetry plays a major role in this type of decoration. Here, a typical example involves placing two chairs on each side of a chest of drawers. Also, having painted furniture or wall decals pasted on them, it's a point that should not be overlooked. Thus, buying a pair of chairs at an auction and paint as you wish to go will help to shape this style of decoration.

    Another fundamental aspect of Nordic style of his own origins, is wood which is the material used. From kitchens to bedrooms, wood can be found all around the house not only furniture but also in decorative accessories. In light of this, it is not surprising to find chairs, tables, cabinets, beds and other furniture attractive and very functional wood.

    Third, the theme of light also takes a leading role in this style, because the days are very short in the North Pole and that's why lighting is of particular prominence. In this context, it is why the most commonly used types of wood are oak, maple and pine. Notwithstanding the foregoing, other more neutral materials such as glass, stone or leather but always combined with wood are also used. Meanwhile, with respect to ornaments, lamps which are suspended in the air would provide an optical very artistic to this design.

    Fourthly, it is important that you achieve certain contrasts with the decor. For example, you can choose to place large rugs combined with wall decals, an opaque wall paint or wallpaper the same characteristic for a good contrast with the natural wood furniture is produced.

    Finally, the theme color is something you cannot pass over in the Nordic style. While it is not necessary to use a pure snow white style, we recommend that you lean more relevant colors like green, blue, pink or ivory but always in a light tone. Following the stated above contrasts, you can take bright colors to paint the wall or to choose your wallpaper but your furniture will undoubtedly have light colors.

    And remember, the Nordic style is not simply a form of decoration but also a lifestyle that professes simplicity and efficiency.

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