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Chill Out Style Decor

Among the many trends in decoration, there Chill Out style. But what does it involve? Is it right for me? Can I bring my department this style?

From Vinilismo.com we respond one to one these questions and then review some basic tips for a furnished apartment Chill Out style.

What is the Chill Out Style?

This style is based on the English expression "Chill Out", which means to relax or hang relaxed. More than a style of decoration is a concept that will guide you in choosing the elements that compose decorate the room so that everything points to relaxation, to the quiet fun, to the enjoyment of leisure time.


Therefore, the "style" chill out has such flexible features and relaxed as its name.

There are no strict rules but a few guidelines to follow.

1.- Focus on relaxation.

2.-Think about who will spend leisure time in that environment.

3.- Direct all efforts to achieve an environment which make you want to sit or lie down and spend a long time away from the worries.

With these three slogans in mind, it is appropriate to think about what is relaxing for your personal idea.

First of all, think about whether you want your space Chill Out, inside or outside. If you have a patio or balcony possibilities change. There you can put a hammock to relax. Inside, a comfortable chair is essential.

In general, the colors must be cheerful but not too aggressive. We do not seek a depressing but relaxing atmosphere, but not euphoric. The plants contribute to a special energy environments. If you can look after them, include in your decorating plans. If not, there are cactus. They fit well and do not require much care.

An exterior window helps create the atmosphere we want, but beware: the window should have a good view or at least not bring noise.


Accessories can be sources of water, a good music player and speakers for your mobile device, and large cushions scattered around the room chairs. Chill Out space should be thought to be shared. Keep this in mind when buying furniture.

Do not forget to allocate budget for lighting. It should not be very white, looking for a warm lamp and if possible, put different lights to vary the intensity of illumination.

Accessories and furniture can be customized with the reason or pattern you like, with the use of vinyl. In Vinilismo.com, local market leader wall decals you can find many options for this.

Wall Decals for your Chill Out Project

The vinyl will be a wild card to complete the decoration of the walls in your room Chill Out. In our shop wall decals you can request a piece that plays a stunning panoramic view to watch while you relax in your armchair.

Another idea is to place motivational phrases or make you think. The phrases can be changed periodically as the vinyls are easy to install and remove.


The great thing about vinyl is that they are highly customizable, so you can let your imagination. So I hope in our wall decals store for you to choose the design that best suits your personal project.


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