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Colonial Decor

Currently many people enjoy devote part of their time and resources to decorate the rooms of your home. The number grows daily and more and more adept at decorating and design. Within this group there are those who are at the forefront of design, and renew and redecorate their environments regularly. But it may also be the case of a person who does not have the necessary time or the financial resources to renovate your home. For them, choosing a style that does not go out of fashion is essential.

If you are looking for a classic style that does not age and can renew with minor changes, the colonial style is what you are looking for.

Whether you're a fan of the decor, or you're looking for something simple it and forget for a while the topic, today we present the colonial style, with some tips for you to take to your home, in a room or at all. The colonial style is classic and simple, and will adapt to your home or apartment in the city or countryside.


To get the classic colonial style, there are some basic guidelines to follow.

As for the materials, the timber must be protagonist. A good piece of wood, either a table, a dresser, a library, will be the cornerstone of your room with colonial style. If you have or get wood furniture including metal accents, the better. You can also include wicker or rattan furniture, to a lesser extent.

Among the colors, you should give importance to softer colors like white and beige. You can also add greens long as they are not very bright, some shades of purple and mauve, among others.

Among the most suitable textiles for your bedroom or colonial atmosphere, you can choose from those naturally occurring animal and whether it is wool or vegetable such as linen.

Vintage accessories crown the style: an old wooden rocking chair or old books in the library will give your room the finishing touch.


As for the walls, you can paint them with a calm color like beige and then include old photographs in sepia. You can choose a photo from large to compete with the star role in your cabinet, or include several smaller photographs. An original idea is to find historical photographs to make the atmosphere even more interesting. One way to achieve this effect is by decorating with vinyl.

The wall decals have many advantages when it comes to decorating a room.

Decorating with Wall Decals:

1.- It is economic;

2.- It is clean;

3.- Are no special skills required to implement decorated with vinyl;

4.- It is highly customizable: in Vinilismo.com will make you apply the model to meet the specific needs of your project;

5.- It is economic;

6.- It is easy to renew: just off the vinyl and paint or put a new vinyl in place.


These reasons make the wall decals an excellent alternative to achieve the colonial style you want for your home.

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