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What color curtains should be?

The curtains are a key element in the decoration of every environment , because not only help to improve the look of it but also influence the amount of outdoor lighting that will allow to entry. The first thing you should consider is to think about what environments shall set them . Thus, for example , is not the same a curtain to the kitchen, a dining room or on the bedroom or bathroom. Then another thing to consider is, what needs would you like to satisfy and how much space do you account, as the style and color of your curtain will vary depending on whether you wish to provide privacy, darkness or it is just a simple decorative element. 


An example of the above may be that the purpose of a curtain in the bedroom is to provide privacy and darkness, so in that case it is not advisable to choose light colors. However, in the living room or dining room where the priority surely be the natural light, light colors like white or pastels are an excellent alternative to choose from, as well as giving a very good lighting create an image of a broader environment.


In turn , another factor to consider is the walls decoration of the room in which you want to install the curtain, as well as the color and style of furniture existed. For this reason, there are many points to consider, this article is intended as a basic guide indicative of the best choices of colors for your curtains.

To decorate a room, the condition to be met is that the curtains look very similar to the walls of the room tone. For example, if the goal is to decorate a room with a classic or formal tone, such as a study hall for example, we recommend using colored damask curtains, silk or velvet. But if the tone is a bit more casual curtain fabric with linen or cotton can be an interesting option.

Regarding to the kitchen, a very good option are the curtains with floral prints, which are also resistant to moisture and smoke.

And finally, when it comes to dark colors, it is noteworthy that these usually are widely used in large rooms whose walls are painted in bright colors, as this combination provides an opportunity to have a much more balanced and harmonious decoration. Under this, an interesting suggestion that you can adopt is a wall decoration clear tone, allowing you to install a curtain of any dark color that appeals to you.


An excellent choice could also be that your curtains will combine with the wall decals to give an appearance of harmony to the room.

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