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Decor with Antique Furniture

Decorate your home with antique furniture can give the room a very particular appearance. But deciding what furniture to use and how to integrate with the rest of the decor, it can often be a little confusing. For this reason, the idea of this article is to help you to decorate your house with antique furniture in a simple and easy way.

When decorating your home with antiques you can basically do it in two directions. The first one is to use antique furniture to complement the decor you have. While the second alternative would be to try to give it an antique appearance itself fully.

If you want to choose the first option, the most common is determine some antiquity that will be the focus of the room, allowing all the decoration revolves around it. You should focus on the type of decoration you have on your walls (decals, wallpaper, murals or simply paint) so that you achieve a harmonious appearance as a whole. Among the items you can choose to place could be some old clock of your grandfather or a closet or old organ, among others.

muebles antiguos 2

In turn, these antiques can take a complementary decorated with modern furnishings role. To accomplish this, you simply need to place some ancient object in the environment, considering that all the decoration is visually harmonious, even when combining styles. A good idea that you can consider is installing retro wall decals.


At the same time, if you don’t want your old furniture be the focus of the room, what you can do is combine with the decor you currently have.

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However, if your intention is decorated with antique furniture to give a complete retro look to your home, this requires a little more work. The best way to combine each piece is considering the colors, fabrics, time and style. For example, you can have different era furniture but again if you choose upholster it with the same fabric, will achieve an effect of homogeneity between them. The same applies to the kind of wood that each piece is made to achieve a certain harmony in the final decoration.

An error that often make is to think that the desire to decorate with antique furniture means that all objects must be aged. To avoid falling into that mistake, a great idea can be to set some antiquity of value on the environment and supplement it with new furniture but with old appearance.

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Finally, it is important that the best strategy for decorating with antiques is taking the time to do it and shop carefully and consciously of the final objective sought. The pieces of antique objects not usually be inexpensive, so it is important that you plan previously which will be the purpose you want to accomplish with this type of decoration and based on this purchase what do you need.

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