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Decor with Horizontal Lines

When it comes to decorating, we must not only take into account our tastes and personality, but also the limitations of the environment. For example, you would not paint a small room with a dark color because it will look even smaller. It is therefore interesting to know some visual tricks that will help alter the perception we have of the environment.

Horizontal lines are an important resource to decoration of environments. According to the proximity and extension of the same, they can fool the human eye to perceive the dimensions of a room differently than real.

How to Decorate your Office with Horizontal Lines

Sometimes at work we feel locked, we feel that the space is small. Creativity does not flow if the environment makes us prisoners.

The decoration of offices can help to change the perception of the environment around us. Horizontal lines can help you see your office a larger size than it actually is.

The keys decoration of offices with straight lines are essentially two:

1.- For those offices that have small dimensions: if you feel locked in your office, decorate the walls with horizontal lines will generate the illusion of a larger room. Choose two colors (can be three if you dare) to apply to the walls of your workplace.


2.- For an office holding low ceiling, the solution will, however, the incorporation of a motive of vertical lines. As in people, vertical lines will see your office "higher".

Another option, especially recommended for creative environments is the inclusion of oblique lines, which bring dynamism and energy to decorate offices.
A general recommendation is to decorate only one wall with lines, either horizontal or vertical. Then choose a color of the same pattern for the remaining walls. Otherwise the room will be overloaded and could be a factor of decentralization. Of course, this runs like who spend their working time in the said office.


The best way to incorporate patterns with horizontal lines to your office is through the help of wall decals.

The vinyls are the best for this task than traditional painting, as they ensure neatness, symmetry, cleaning, among other advantages.

The wall decals are not only a great help when decorating the walls of your office, but also can be easily applied to any piece of furniture, mirrors, and even on appliances.

When choosing the theme and color of the wall decal to decorate your office, you should consider:

1.- Your taste and personality,

2.- The visual effect you want to achieve,

3.- Colors that already exist in your office,

4.- Decorating style of the rest of the surrounding environments.

Undoubtedly, the wall decals will be a great help when it comes to giving your office the style you want.


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