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How to decorate a bathroom?

The bathroom is a very important place to start adding value to your home. The priority of this article will introduce ideas about what items you can incorporate into your bathroom, for example some wall decals to transform the look and feel of that environment creatively and give your own personality.

One of the first things to consider is the color scheme you have in your bathroom. This is because depending on how you decorate the walls, this will have a direct influence on the color of objects you choose. For example, you can decorate the bathroom in a different way with wall decals of any particular design to bring you a different perspective.


The color of bathroom accessories or objects may also influence the style you want to provide. As an example, collocate a shower curtain, towels and rugs green with silver accessories achieve a harmonious combination with sink, toilet and even the tiles that are usually white. Meanwhile, if you want a slightly more glamorous and modern style can go to purple with white trim, or a grayish hue to provide a classic and sophisticated look.

If you have a vanity cabinet with doors and drawers, a good idea is to buy fabric lined baskets where you can store items neatly and store them inside the cabinet. Similarly, with regard to the drawers you can buy trays with compartments for storing different things like makeup, orderly manner.

In turn, in bathrooms that have a sort of counter (usually white), you can add some decorative elements that give more style to the environment. In this context, if you have perfume on the counter, it is advisable to place them above a mirrored tray. And since we mention trays, you can also buy some special decoration and place rolled towels. You will see how these two changes will achieve a different bathroom.


At the same time, you can buy decorative boxes (gray with white trim is an elegant combination) that allow you to save makeup, brushes, etc. Also, it is a good idea to buy some bottles for storing sponges, bath salts and soaps, which when not in use will add a decorative attractive touch to the bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, ideally optimize spaces and for this, you can place a basket in black in front of the toilet to store, for example, rolls of toilet paper. A ledge of the same color can place it at half height above the toilet to put decorative items like candles or ornaments.


Finally, if you are a person who likes creativity and originality, you can put wall decals on the toilet or in the sink with some funny figure or even a picture of a place that interests you. In Vinilismo.com we can satisfy your expectations because we have custom designs. Therefore, we invite you to visit us and let us know your concerns of decoration to advise you the right way.


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