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Decorate the Corners

When we dedicated ourselves to decorate a room, usually we give greater importance to some areas than others. First choose the colors of big surfaces, then pay attention to the furniture that deal space. We will also consider textiles: carpets, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

But when planning a creative strategy, we can make the mistake of ignoring corners left "blank". These corners can be exploited with a little ingenuity, to finish to complete the idea of the room.

To decorate the corners of your home, you can decide whether you want a simple decoration or to be functional.
For a simple decor, you can always turn to nature. A pot that matches the style you have chosen, will give life to this forgotten corner.

A practical option is to create a reading corner. Place a corner shelves and there, put your reading material. You can also take advantage of the corners to set up a small working space: a boy desk for your laptop, a comfortable chair and you're done. The idea of the reading corner is versatile and can adapt to your bedroom or living room. If you or someone resides with enjoy cooking, you can even create a corner for books in your kitchen, using shelves containing utensils, ingredients and recipe books.

Another alternative is provided by the mirrors. A corner is a good place to place a large mirror, as it will change the perception of space. If you have a set of chairs, try to place them so that you take advantage of all the space: a fair chair in a corner and the other around.

To give a special touch to your graphic corners, another option is to buy wall decals and play with the wide possibilities offered.

Decorating Corners Wall Decals

To give life to this forgotten corner, you can buy wall decals and place them. One option is to choose a symmetrical reason, and place it right on the corner, with one half for each wall. The visual effect is very original, and give continuity to the space. It is especially suited for large spaces.

If you have interested in our idea of reading corner, a vinyl is fantastic to complete an original library. You can purchase wall decals to place above the corner shelves and simulate a traditional library.

If you get a piece of furniture to put in an empty corner, you can also decorate it with wall decals. Looking at our catalog and find a design that matches your style. If not, remember that the vinyls are highly customizable. You can also arrange the design or image you want and place it yourself.

Vinyls are clean and simple installation: no need to place empty room. Simply prepare the wall and place it carefully. When you want to change this, simply take off and you put another design. This way you can change the appearance of the corners simply and without spending too much money.

Empty corners are opportunities to give the final touch to your decor. Take advantage of them!

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