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Decorate Your Home with Maps

Those who love decoration, originality generally love with the same intensity.

Find a new and original idea is not easy, so the challenge is to find the "twist" that turns ideas already used in unique and personal.

A current trend in decor is the decoration with maps. The choice of maps to be included in a room may reflect different motivations can be a traveler, a lover of geography or history, or simply someone who found the idea attractive.

One thing is clear: it's not about buying maps we used in college and stick them to the wall. Decorating with maps is a more interesting process and can give excellent results.

But how to add maps to the decor of your rooms?

One possibility is to paint a map on a wall. The difficulties of this idea are several: the cost of a painter, that painter has talent, and that the result is accurate and not look like a drawing by a child.


Another option is to look for fabrics printed with maps, cushions, carpets, paintings, etc. but all these options sound trite to the most creative and daring.

Then the best choice is clear: decals. The vinyls have advantages indisputable: low cost, easy installation and removal, fidelity in the reproduction of motifs and colors, and the ability to change to renew the environment without having to change everything. They can also be used as kids wall decals in the children room.

Wall Decals of Maps: Some Ideas

The option of a globe with reliable information is ideal for a room schoolchildren. These kids wall decals help children and adolescents in learning geography and will encourage their curiosity. It may be a world map, a map of the country or province.


One possibility is great and gives a special touch to the rooms is the use of vinyl with old maps. A living room with an ancient map, a beautiful library and special lighting will generate a unique atmosphere.

Vinyls not limited to walls, can also be placed in furniture, for example on a table, or in a door.

History lovers can choose a map of a specific period that is of interest.

One advantage of wall decals is that they are highly customizable: You can order them in any color you want, highlight some places over others, and may even be an original and loving gift for lovers of fiction: it is possible to commission a map of a fantasy place of his favorite books, such as Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings.

It's time to work your creativity and find your own way to incorporate maps to your decor.


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