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Decorate your Kitchen with Geometric Designs

When it comes to planning and executing a process of decorating houses, one of the things that give more importance is originality. Nobody wants to invest effort and money to end up with a similar result to that of others.

One way to highlight your kitchen giving prominence and distinguish it from others, is choosing geometric motifs.

When we go to choose tiles and ceramic guards, we see that classical motifs related to cooking as cartoon fruit are offered.

But would not it be nice to modernize some environments? Those who love spend much time cooking in the kitchen of her home, then it is best to turn it into an environment with which you identify. If you are modern, original and unique, why pursue a decoration of houses with classical motifs that bore you?


How to Achieve a geometric decoration Balanced

The geometric motifs applied to the decoration of houses have several advantages that make it one of the trends to follow in decor. The combined use of squares, rectangles, circles or triangles provide:

1.- Balance: Well-used geometric motifs give balance to the environment. The geometric furniture interact with the environment, so it is advisable proper planning with this in mind. A geometric pattern take center stage, so the furniture must be attached so that everything is balanced. For example, before a wall with a pattern of triangles of different sizes and colors it is a focus that need not compete with a table in the same way and in bright colors.

2.- Freedomand endlesscolor combination options: the use ofgeometric elementsgives the possibility toplay with colors. Encouragedthe contrastis essential.Once you findacolor paletteto your liking, it's time toplay withcombinationswithcontrastandharmony.Choose awhite /blackcombination iseasyand effective, buttake a riskwith different shades ofpurplewitha strikingorange isa challenge thatcan work andgivegreat satisfaction.Rememberthat colorsaffectyour mood. Pastelsawardedfeeling of tranquilityand harmony, while the strongest andstridentcolorsgive a sense ofenergy, vitality, andyouthmovement.

3.- Illusion of extreme order: A room decorated with geometric patterns is the delight of fans of the order. A wall decorated with squares of the same size and color, a shelf with geometric objects perfectly arranged a round table with round stools, all perfectly settled and neat. The dream of all obsessive of the order.

To achieve these prints, the best option is undoubtedly the wall decals.

Op art

Vinyls with Geometric Motifs

The vinyls are an indispensable wildcard when decorating your kitchen with geometric motifs.

The vinyls require an application that is simple and clean. They can be applied to different surfaces: You can change the look of your refrigerator to match an opposite wall with rectangles in complementary colors.

Instead of painting the geometric patterns on the walls, with the risk that there are no repetitions, you can choose to cover them with wall decals. This will not only save time and provide a better result, but will allow you to choose colors and combinations you can think of.

Join the trend to decorate your kitchen with geometric patterns and see that the result will be spectacular.


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