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Decorating Art Nouveau Style

At the time of choosing a style to decorate one of the rooms in your home, you should get as much information as possible. How do you know which style is right if you do not know what characterize them?

One of the possibilities is the Art Nouveau style. Inspired by the artistic movement of the same name that has more than a century of existence. Also called Modernism, it has its roots in the late nineteenth century during the Belle Epoque in Europe, mainly in Germany and is characterized by its break with convention and classic art.


The Art Nouveau rejects the distinction between major and minor arts. This translates to a decoration concept that transcends the placement of expensive paintings on the walls, and retreats into everyday objects, furniture and glasses, advertisements, curtains, etc.

As a style of interior, Art Nouveau used curved, asymmetrical lines, flattened arches and exotic oriental decorations that mimic the shape of animals, plants and the female figure.

For a room in Art Nouveau style, you should look for modern and contemporary, taking into account the specific characteristics of style.

For furniture, it is preferably wood, either painted or varnished. Similarly, a floor of wooden planks goes very well with this style. Complete the decoration of the floor with a carpet, which can have oriental motifs is an excellent complement. There is a wide range of Art Nouveau furniture. The key is finding a piece, such as a beautiful chair that gives personality to the environment, and summon the rest of the decor to harmonize with him.


As for the characteristic objects, you can not miss a Tiffany lamp. Frosted glass itself of these lamps can also be used in window panes. In turn, some colors that can be included are the natural green, brown, mustard and lilac.

One way to give substance to style, is to buy stickers to decorate the walls of rooms, or to give a touch of Art Nouveau furniture or common artifact.

Art Nouveau Wall Decals

Buy wall decals is an excellent choice to start decorating any room in your home. They are easy to install, clean and allow you to renew without the discomfort of painting a room.

The wall decals can be used to decorate an entire wall as well as to include smaller details on the walls or some furniture, mirror or device. When buying stickers Art Nouveau, you can choose between a beautiful head for bed, a border, or a tapestry to decorate an entire wall paper. You can also include a sheet reproducing a design of the posters Art Nouveu. The lithographs with female figures are a widespread design give style to your living room or bedroom.


Finally, remember that the vinyls are highly customizable and you can order the design you are interested in our store if they so wish. From Vinilismo.com we will be waiting your message ready to help in whatever you need.

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