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Decorating Style Boho-Chic

The world in which we live is in constant change and renewal permanently. Ideas do not stagnate, but flowing, mutate and give way to other ideas, innovative and fresh than before. With the trends in decoration is the same. New styles all the time, combinations of other existing styles, new perspectives, rescue earlier styles emerge, along with many other ways to achieve originality.

Sometimes trends are born in an area and are taken by another, assigning specific to that particular area. In the case of Boho-Chic style, born in the world of fashion, and then was taken to the decoration.

This style has a mix of hippie and bohemian, accompanied by vintage and ethnic. This combination gives rise to Boho-Chic, a trend relaxed and inspired on freedom to incorporate your decorating plans.


How to Achieve a Boho-Chic Room

While this is an eclectic style, which gives wide latitude for decoration, there are elements that are very characteristic of this style. Here are some of the inevitable features in a room Boho-Chic.

1.- Protagonist: A Boho-Chic atmosphere is very important to have a part to take the role: an antique cabinet, a mirror with a working framework, a hanging lamp. Remember that there is not a bohemian but Boho-Chic style, so you need an exclusive protagonist, a product design, something that catches your eye.

2.- Color: This stylepreferably usedsaturated colorsand neutralinits darkPreferred bythe players of theBoho-Chic's are red,orange, blue, gray and brown.The inclinationistoreferthe colorsof nature,the earth, the sun. The contrastsare very important.


3.- Prints: The textile elements are very important for this trend. Cushions like chairs, curtains fulfilling the role of doors, woven blankets on the couches. But the patterns should preferably be inspired by ethnic motives as Arabic or Indian. Abound carpets and walls with fabrics. To achieve patterns with features Boho-Chic, you can resort to decorating with vinyl.

4.- Plants: Plants are very important,in all sizes, with or without flowers, but always verywell maintained.

5.- Vintage Furniture: Furniture of a Boho-Chic room should preferably be old. The restored furniture are indicated.

6.- Walls: You can give them identity using wall decals.


Vinyl Boho-Chic

The wall decals are a great help in establishing the style of a room. As may be used in many areas, they are very versatile and not limited to walls.

For a Boho-Chic style, choose to orient your decor with vinyl towards ethnic reasons. Remember that the red, orange and violet colors are very representative of this style. Ethnic stored in these colors will give your apartment a touch of sophistication.

You can also use vinyl for decoration to give a touch Boho-Chic to your furniture. The possibilities are limitless, it's time to let your imagination.

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