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Decoration of the First Apartment

Moving in is only one of the most important steps we take when peered into adulthood.

New responsibilities, new tasks, many things we did not know that someone did and now we have no choice but to take charge and take care of everything.

But not all are responsibilities and duties. Living alone implies a dose of freedom and autonomy that leads us to meet us and allows us to express our individuality. One of these expressions is the decoration of our first apartment.


The place in which we live can be an expression of our personality, and that is achieved with the decor. How many times we are left with the desire to buy a piece of furniture because "did not combine with the style of the room"? We always had to obey the orders of the homeowner, but it turns out the owner is you. You have the freedom and power to decide all about decorating walls, the choice of furniture, colors, objects, curtains, etc.

You'll probably find a bit overwhelmed by so much freedom, and need tips for decoration. Do not worry, here are some tips to decorate your first apartment.

Some Basic Tips:

1.-Keep it simple and functional: If you've never decorated atmosphere, do not exaggerate. First get the basic furniture and textiles. When everything necessary is in place, you can begin to add details. A good start is to make your mark by decorating walls. The wall decals can be of great help to you at this time.


Search the efficiency and functionality in your furniture and learn to let go of those things you do not use. Think the use to every environment: Will you receive visits? You will study in a group?

2.-Study your budget: do not spend more than you can afford. There are ways to recycle old furniture or customize economic furniture that say anything of you. For this you can also use decals. Place a model that is to your liking on the coffee table in the living room for a personal touch.


3.-Ask for help: If you feel overwhelmed or do not know what to do, ask a friend or relative who knows more than you. Learn to ask for help when you need it, then you will take the decision.

4.-Be true to your style: Dare to experiment, and you can be sure you will make mistakes, and that's good because it is the best way to learn. If you think you do not have a definite style, be patient, observe and experience: and you shall find.

Remember that a simple and versatile way to customize your department are with self-adhesive wall decals. For wall decoration you can use them as a wallpaper or border paper. They also serve to customize furniture and even appliances.

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