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Eclectic Decorating Style

You want to experience new sensations in regard to the decoration of your home? Try the eclectic style. This kind of decoration is characterized by combining different styles and designs that allow contemplate a peculiar visual. So for example you can have a study room decorated in a minimalist style wallpaper or wall decals but the dining room decorated with oriental style.

Best of all is that you should not be afraid of ridicule because variety is the essence. It is essential that you consider that it is not placing furniture, fixtures and elements of different styles without logic, but just know that this style as such is one of the most fun, creative and original ways to decorate your house to avoid you get bored with a unique design. For example, you can mix a modern sofa with a mid-century bed and a dining table wrought iron.


We have prepared these rules we advise you to follow:

1.- Explore your Disruptive Personality: It is essential that you allow yourself out of the comfort zone to decorate your house one way. Start playing with combinations and estate predisposed to try and wrong.

2.- Find Harmony: Try to find a common element (either texture, color, etc) within the styles for everything to be more harmonious. Maybe you can choose pillows or cushions along with other accessories complement a good way beyond the own designs of each element.

3.- Let your imagination: Move in a range of colors and avoid stay with just one or two. Test install a wallpaper having a side in common with the other elements.


4.- Establish a Focal Point: This means to put a line item, whether movable or accessories that appeal and allow grab attention immediately after entering the room. An example of this can be a variety of vases of various sizes, heights and colors.

5.- Follow the Rule of Three: To have an intelligent design should limit the variety of items to 3. Use no more than 3 colors, 3 textures and 3 styles.

6.- Reflects Your Personality: Make the environment reflect as you are. Be creative and let your personal stamp marking, to make it a unique design.

I hope these tips have been helpful so you can decorate your home to the eclectic style. A premise that you should not forget is that both accessories like furniture you choose should like and make you feel comfortably beyond what design or style hold.


So remember that the key to this type of decoration is not that things match each other quite the contrary, but always respecting a line of harmony between all the elements that comprise it. And do not forget that Vinilismo.com we offer a variety of wallpaper and wall decals that you may find very attractive to complement your eclectic decor. Account with us!

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