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Find out what plants can decorate the interior of your home

If you want the inside of your home look attractive and comfortable for living, excellent decision you can make on this is equip with plants and flowers. Obviously this is not filling all areas of plants but simply to see which of them will result appropriate depending on the space that you count. Therefore, this article will try to help to make the choice of plants is not so overwhelming and can decorate any room in your house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.) 

A first analysis you can do is investigate and bring together those plants that have similar characteristics in terms of their growth, for example. So you can determine, according to your time, whether it is more appropriate to have plants that require care and attention, or those that do not demand much dedication. In this sense, if you are a person who devotes much time to work and you have several extra activities during the day, possibly not get much time to spend on your plants. In that case, you can opt to choose plants that are more tolerant of "drought". That is, you don’t have to water them every day. 

An example of what we discussed, is the Aloe Vera. This plant can survive both, in the interior of a house as well as abroad. Another similar alternative is the cactus, as they have the ability to withstand arid and semi-arid climatic conditions so that you avoid having a constant dependence on care. However, if you have kids may not be as good choice to buy a cactus because you run the risk that the spikes and thorns become dangerous for them.


Meanwhile, under some plants that require more care than those listed above can find ferns. Having a fern with such delicate leaves, can transform the image of your house in an attractive way. If you choose to purchase a fern, also seeks to complement the atmosphere with indoor flowers or you can buy floral Wall decals that when placed on the wall combine with ferns.


Also, an option that still very popular in nowadays and is setting trends are bonsai trees. These are very small plants can even decorate a desk or table and grow perfectly inside of a house. An important tip: If you decide to buy a bonsai, try not to expose to direct sunlight, as it can burn and ruin. 


Finally, you should not forget to analyze the state of the roots of the plants you buy, in the sense that they are securely fastened to the ground and not get out of the pot. In turn, you must take into account considering that the chosen plants do not have insects or fungi. To do this, you must do a thorough assessment and determine whether the plant has its healthy leaves, shiny, natural color and sturdy stems. 

I hope this guide has provided the basis for choosing the plant that best suits your tastes and needs and do not forget to visit our shop Vinilismo.com to buy wall decals that complement the collection of your plants. 

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