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Floral Decoration

Flowers are a vital element and widely used in the decoration. In the form of printed textiles, painting walls, or in the form of natural flowers, flowers are able to give the rooms a natural, young and lively air.

The decor with floral theme can be used in a variety of environments and situations: a living room, a living room, a bedroom or to decorate the room of a teenager or a child. The possibilities are endless and the result is always beautiful. It's just a matter of letting your imagination and creativity put into play.

Floral prints leave ample room for personal taste, as there are flowers of all sizes, shapes and colors. There are even futuristic and abstract flowers.

Another advantage of the flowers decorating walls, furniture and accessories is its ability to combine a wide variety of other patterns and textures: polka dots, stripes, waves, circles and geometric prints.


One consideration to keep in mind is not to saturate the environment with too many prints. To do this, you should intersperse solid colors with prints. For example, if there are carpets and floral curtains, choosing a chair plain color that contrasts with the colors of floral print.

You can also include flowers in your furniture: upholstered couch with floral pattern, a puff couch with flower shape for a girl's room, or a more original option: decorate a table or dresser with a vinyl with floral print. The wall decals can be applied in a variety of surfaces, including wood. When you want to give a different style furniture, you simply fold.

A good choice to accentuate the floral style is the addition of flowers in accessories. In decoration shops you will find many options in lamps, cushions, carpets, curtains and other objects. Take care that objects are integrated in the environment naturally.


For the decoration of walls, the options are also limitless. You can choose to leave them painted with one color and then include flowers on the furniture or accessories, or give greater prominence to the walls with a painting of flowers in bright colors are the protagonists of the decor. An easy and interesting way is through the use of wall decals.

You simply choose the floral motif of a catalog, or order a custom design that you want to decorate walls and place it on the wall.


The floral style gives a lot of freedom and leaves much room for play on personal taste, but must be careful not to overdo it and saturating the atmosphere.

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