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French Decoration

France, enlightened country, the birthplace of the May Revolution, the French May. Birthplace of great poets, painters, writers. France is also a world symbol of elegance, good taste and trend.

French decoration is unique, with its refined and classic style inspired especially in times of luxury and glamor of early last century. At that time, the abundance and the indifference of the bourgeoisie came to be reflected in an all encompassing style decor, art, fashion, and other areas of daily life. This period is known as the Belle Epoque.

If you consider sophisticated, elegant and glamorous, perhaps it's time to bring a bit of French style to one of the rooms in your home. Only a matter of deciding and follow our advice.

Tips for a French Decoration

We now examine those inevitable features in a room decorated in the French style.
French decorating style without failure can be very complicated. You must be careful not to overload environments and be very thorough when choosing mixtures of textures, shapes and materials.

When in doubt, choose the most luxurious. If fabric, silk. If are cups, porcelain. If you can incorporate elements of metals such as silver, it will be very successful.

The furniture should be of good quality wood. And although we are not talking about decoration and construction, wood also go very well for floors.


Give much importance to lighting is fundamental. To do this, you will need to find fine crystal chandeliers and precious metals.

As for colors, it is advisable to take a neutral base clear, and then bring you more brilliant shades of colors like gold, red or blue. For textile designs, you can incorporate floral.

The accessories that can not miss in your room are French paintings and mirrors. A couch will be an interesting addition that will take the role of the room. Looking for an elegant upholstered to match your choices on the walls.


In the decoration of walls, you can choose landscapes or even a replica of a painting by a French artist that is your taste. Shoddy replicas will pull down all your effort. To avoid this, opt for placing wall decals.

The wall decals have many advantages when planning to decorate walls. One option is to cover the entire wall with smooth vinyl or some pattern that relates to the style you have chosen.

Another option is to choose an image, such as sunset in Venice Monet and place as a giant replica of the head of the bed.


You can also choose a phrase in French, such as "Carpe Diem" and use it to decorate walls with custom decals to inspire a better start each day.

Whatever the way you do, your vinyl will help in giving the French touch to your room.

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