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Georgian Decor Style

Architectural styles are often the inspiration for interior decoration. This is the case of the Georgian style, inspired by the architecture of the dynasty of Georgia, who ruled England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

This elegant style can fit the decor of the rooms of your home, you just have to pay attention to its characteristics to reproduce and adapt to your spaces. The colors represent the most appropriate way Georgian are pale as cream, dark pink, sage green, light blue. Floors and baseboards can include wood colors, white, olive and stone.

If you are among your chances, including a fireplace in the room, you'll end accentuate the style of the room.

The design called "Toile de Jouy" in the patterns is essential. It may be included on the couches or chairs upholstered in pillows and even curtains. The Toile de Jouy comes in different patterns and colors, all are valid. Other common patterns are stripes, Chinese designs of birds, flowers and landscapes. Garland type curtains or blinds are also included.

Furniture should be preferably wood and very delicate. The ideals are those that have carved legs curves. The backrests (chairs, couches and beds) are drafts. You can also include fabric-lined furniture.

When choosing objects to decorate, you should seek chandeliers, gilded mirrors or carved wood frame, flowers, vases, wooden lamps, glass, brass or silver. Try to keep a symmetrical pattern in the decor of the rooms with Georgian style.

An interesting idea for decorating walls is to divide the walls into three parts: the lower part of about 75 cm, it can be covered with wood paneling. These coatings can be replaced by the use of wall decals with wood motifs. Part of the center is decorated with fabric panels and, finally, top with a cornice fleecy right on the part near the ceiling.

Decorating with Wall Decals

As already mentioned, wood is an important element in this style. Whether for decorating walls or furniture coating can be as a side table, the decals will be very useful when it comes to imitating the texture.

If the idea for wall decoration in three sectors is not to your liking, another option is to upholster one wall with vinyl stamping Toile de Jouy style. This motive will leave the imprint of Georgian in your room, and can be combined with a similar increase in the upholstered armchairs, cushions or curtains reason.

The vinyls have advantages over paint when such patterns mimic much detail. The work of a painter to fill a wall with these reasons would be very expensive, time consuming and cause setbacks in the home run. Wall decals are clean and easy and quick installation.

Looking design that you like and begin to shape your room Georgian style.

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