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Getting a timeless decor

In the modern world we are used to see how everything changes. From fashion, customs and how could it be otherwise the world of interior design and decoration of houses not far behind. However, despite all the new trends that may appear, it is possible to maintain a design beyond time. We are talking specifically about the timeless decor, in which we will focus in this article.

Firstly, we must make it clear that the timeless decor is based on one that once chosen the style should be maintained and renovated in function over time, so as to keep alive the design without letting pass to be outdated. To do this, we will give you some tips that you can implement:

 a) Minimalist Essence

Less has always been, is and will be more. This is a golden rule that persists over the years. Basically it means having the furniture and accessories you need and discard the rest. The premise is that a room can be seen properly when color, furniture, lighting and other elements are easily highlighted and ultimately complement each other as well as being proportional to the space of the room. Consequently, avoids populate of furniture the environment or you will lose the effect you want to achieve.


b) The Importance of Color
The color is a key to bring you warmth to the room element. Painting the walls of modern colors it may be outdated with the passage of time, so the best you can do to keep the essence of color is to use accessories, such as wall decals.

Choose classic colors to paint the walls and upholstery while simultaneously combine with drapes, cushions and carpets a little more colorful result together a good variety. Finally, consider carefully select ornaments, paintings and objects of art with bright colors to add depth to the room and make it more alive.


c) Functional Furniture
Whatever furniture you choose, they should be functional. Avoid making purchases that do not comply with this feature. For example, buy a glass table can be an invitation for any time can cause blight. Consequently, as a rule in the decoration of houses you have to consider that the furniture is made to be used and not For this reason, focus on functional furniture also are durable in time.

d) Comfort
Your home is the place where comfort should be a fundamental premise. For this reason, it is important that when you consider decorating That will make you focus on things that make you really feel good.

e) Quality is better than quantity
No need to fill your shelves with ornaments or objects of art. Try to acquire more quality than quantity and for sure will achieve highlight the environment. Remember that everything must be proportional to the space that accounts and be balanced. Balancing the accessories will be what the end of the day will give a touch of distinction you need. Therefore, you should not forget the wall decals are key to help you achieve that balance.


Since Vinilismo.com, specializing in wall decals store, we hope that these suggestions will be useful to achieve the desired timeless decor in your home.

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