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Getting the Perfect Dining for your Department

The dining room of an apartment can be a key room: it will develop meetings, meals with friends and family dinners. Therefore, you should not neglect your decor.

The dining room of your apartment should be useful to you. The decor is important, but you should not forget that is a room that you will give a specific use. Furniture and ornaments should be tailored to that end.

For example, why have a wine cellar if you do not like wine? The decor must always adapt to our needs and not vice versa.

If it comes to a small apartment, you can take general tricks for small spaces. For example, for the decoration of walls, it is advisable to use light colors, preferably white, to bring light and give the illusion of a larger space. This is also achieved by placing mirrors that cheat the perception and make see the wider space.

Instead of a rectangular table, you can place a round table, which will extend the crossing sites. If the table is glass or acrylic, even better. These materials allow the passage of light and make the room look larger.


Lighting should not be neglected. In general, the lights must be clear and combined with natural light. If there are windows, looking shades that match the rest of the furniture.

If you have a more spacious and comfortable space, you can incorporate a small breakfast bar for two, or for making drinks in your meetings with friends. If space is tight, you can arm yourself with wit and put a folding shelf that can be stored when they are not using.


We have already mentioned that, to decorate the walls of your room, use light colors and pastels. But not required that the wall is smooth. You can decorate the walls of your room with wall decals and wallpaper borders.

Dining Decor with Wall Decals

You can add a little color to your room with the use of decorative borders. The borders are long and narrow lines of vinyl, which can be stamped or not, and standing along the walls of a room. You can follow a more traditional style using wallpaper borders with classic prints of simple lines, or you can risk being original and place another colorful and daring.

If you have a design in mind, you can look at our store wall decals and take care of a custom order.

The borders will allow you to change the face of your room simple and fast, as you can incorporate without redecorate the room, or move furniture to do so. Unlike paint, wall decals can be applied without mess and without hiring a specialist.


You can also decorate a wall of your room with figures made of vinyl. Find one that is to your liking and provides an element of modern decor and customized for the finishing touch to the perfect dining.

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