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"Gold" Decor

One of the most luxurious trends in home decorating is the "Gold." As its name implies, the "Gold" decor is highlighted by the use of gold and textures that refer to gold.

Symbol of wealth and glamor, and very present in the palaces and hotels of the richest places in the world, gold is the star of this style.

If we had to define this style in a few words, we would say that is opulence at its finest. We invite you now to take a look at its features to decide whether or not you are interested in decorating homes with this style.

The first thing to consider is to lose the fear of excesses: the Gold decoration is itself exaggerated in abundance and luxury furniture, but especially in regard to objects and accessories.

One feature that makes it interesting is that it can be incorporated subtly decorated rooms with other styles, harmonizing perfectly with them.

To avoid falling into the rough, you need to find the fine line separating the elegance. The key, as usual is balance and compensation. For some, gold is the "new black". Now we can find it in lamps, mirrors, dishes and all kinds of accessories.

A golden piece of furniture will be the focus of your living room Gold. Easy order to incorporate and to find are gold-framed mirrors.

Speaking of colors that can accompany the gold blends perfectly with the black and white. Gold and black are a traditional combination that will give any room elegance and sophistication, but be careful not to downplay the lighting. Otherwise, the room with this color combination will suffer from an atmosphere and ambience a bit dark.

The bathroom presents an excellent opportunity for the implementation of Gold style. The use of gold color taps give a great touch of sophistication to the room. It may also be included in the lamps and bathroom.

Wall Decals in Gold Decoration

When planning the decoration of houses in Gold style, we can make use of wall decals. The vinyl will be useful to give the golden touch to the walls of the home. You can opt for a gold wallpaper to cover an entire room, or a smaller design, or a pattern in a border to frame the wall.

The wall decals not only apply on the walls, but they are also very useful to give a special touch to the furniture in your home. So we suggest you visit our store and looking for the design that you like, or directly encárganos a custom design. Remember that both a place like removing vinyl is very easy, and if you get tired of seeing the same pattern on the wall or in a cabinet, you can simply replace it with another, no mess and no need to hire a specialist.

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