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Industrial Decoration

Among the decorative styles that are gaining much booming today, is industrial-style decor. The origins of this style date back to the 50s in New York City where immigrants seeking to rent affordable housing and apartments began to inhabit abandoned factories. Over the years, all this wildness and ruggedness was becoming a style of decoration of offices and homes. And since it is a timeless, because it is never out of fashion, this article will give you the basic guidelines to help you learn to decorate this way.

The centerpiece of the industrial style to fully respect the original structural space, either in ceilings, columns, walls and beams. Starting with the roof, have high ceilings is key to success in this style. This is due to the feeling of spaciousness that manages to offer and ideally complemented by beams of metal or wood. However, if you're lucky enough to have a high ceiling, do not grieve. The solution for you in this case is to use decorative beams.

With respect to the walls, those which are of brick are very characteristic of this style, that is why we must ensure make a regular maintenance to always maintain the historic look but not deteriorated over time.

Another point to consider are windows. It is very important benefit that natural light can give to the environment, so try not to put curtains or anything that could obstruct the passage of light. This will also help to give an appearance of greater amplitude. However, if you fail to illuminate the room sufficiently you can use metal lamps with rustic finishes, a particular industrial style decorative element.

Moreover, it is important to note that this style is characterized by combining materials such as metal, aluminum, glass, brick and cement. And to conclude this article, we will provide some key tips to achieve a decoration for offices or homes for the best industrial style.

a) AlwaysShowOriginalArchitecture: The fact thatbeams, plumbing and electrical installationsare seen,are elements thathelp to givethe appearancethat needsthis style.

b) Combine Dissimilar Metals: You can choose chairs, lamps and accessories made of iron, steel and aluminum that all combined will give a particular air to the ambient. Andif thewood isto your liking, try to not be sodelicate andpolishedasit usually isbuttough-lookingwood.

c) Pay attention tothecolors: This styleis accompanied by theuse ofcolors like white, gray, beige andblack, because the focusis onthe structure andcolor should notcause distraction.

In Vinilismo.com are experts in decorating offices and homes. For this reason, we are ready to help you in whatever you need so you can achieve industrial style decor to your room. Do not forget to ask us!

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