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Install a Fireplace in your Home

The fireplace is a key element that every house should have to heat the atmosphere especially in winter where low temperatures are very often usually happens. The need to keep the house heated forcing some to install stoves, buy caloventores and others decide to install a fireplace.

In this article, from Vinilismo.com wall decals shop we aim to help you install a fireplace in your home.

If we go back a little into history, the chimneys were usually built with bricks, which represented a difficulty for many people because they may not have the money and even place for a facility of this type. With the passage of time, today you can find prefabricated chimneys whose installation becomes much faster and easier. This practicality justifies its current popularity.


The fireplace in addition to being a form of heat entering the home, is an important decorative element that works to complement the decor of the room. Therefore if we talk about decorating, you can also talk about fireplaces.

The first thing you'll need is an opening in the roof where you can place the outlet pipe smoke. This type of work you will be easier or harder depending on how you built your house, why in some cases you will probably need to hire qualified staff can make sure that the work is done neatly and efficiently.

If you had already installed fireplace and replace it with a prefabricated want, you can take the hollow of the fireplace to place there the flue pipe without having to renovate anything.

Once you place the fireplace, you must make the connection spout and finally the next step is to make a coating on the outside. To make this work you can use different materials such as gypsum boards are inexpensive and easily molded. However, you can also choose to give the bricks an old look a little rustic. If you lean for the first option, it is essential to take measures of the fireplace and cut the profiles of the wall and the base. Then, you have to unite together screwing and thus cover the fireplace. Finally, to seal the joints of the plates is recommended to use aluminum tape and finally have to fill with putty.


As a final tip from Vinilismo.com wall decals store we suggest that you take the time you need to choose the best fireplace that suits your needs. Avoid being conquered by low prices or for their aesthetic appearance (as they do most) and focus solely on your needs. Obviously it is worth to say that the fireplace you choose should meet all the security checks and have their respective guarantee.

And once you have it installed, you do not forget to visit our wall decals store to decorate the walls surrounding the fireplace in a fun and original way to stay in tune with the new facility you just made to your home.


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