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Japanese Decoration

In recent years, the oriental culture in general has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for architects, decorators, designers and related artists decorating houses.

Decorate following the premises of feng-shui was a trend that was fury in the 90's all wanted to help the energy flow through their homes and repel negative energies.

Eastern culture attracts, because it is able to combine perfectly balanced sobriety, simplicity and naturalness. A decorated environment following features of Japanese culture will generate a sense of order and calm in modern life it appears chaotic and unstoppable.


Tips for achieving a Japanese Decoration

The key to the success of your project is to target the Japanese Zen decor. But what is Zen? Zen concept in Japanese culture is somehow aware of everyday experience of living. Zen is above all an experience of knowing oneself. The decoration and organization of a Japanese-style environment, this concept is mainly translates into practicality, which should not elaborate objects are not used. Passing places should be clear and allow the free flow of energy and people. You must get rid of those furniture and all kinds of objects that are just taking place and not play a role in your life. If they are in good condition you can donate.

The Japanese room is in essence, minimalist. Everything is minimized to increase in cleanliness, order and tranquility.

Having said this general rule for decorating houses Japanese style, we now turn to the specific characteristics:

Color: can include neutral like white, beige and light brown; and break the monotony with some primary and red or blue and even green can work.


Materials: cotton and silk textil elements and wood for furniture (which should be rare) and doors.

Furniture: in homes are rare oriental style furniture. But you can join a coffee table in dark wood. Sliding doors should be to mimic the traditional "shoji", which have a part made of paper and which aims to filter sunlight and allow the rooms receive natural heat. It should also be mentioned the futon, a traditional low Japanese mattress.

Prints: the prints are mostly floral. A widely used for these decorations flower is the sakura, or cherry blossom.

To accomplish reflect this style, you can resort to the help of the wall decals.


One way of incorporating the oriental style in decoration of homes is by using wall decals. The vinyls are easy to install, not dirty and are highly customizable.

For a room decorated in Japanese style, one possibility is to choose a phrase related to the oriental culture and decorate a wall with it, but with Japanese characters. Or smaller, choose a simple word like love and peace, which represent us or we want to incorporate into our lives.

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