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What kind of tablecloth should I put on the table?

The tablecloths are often the basis of your centerpiece therefore should try to use them properly to create a special atmosphere when organizing an event. To do this, you should start asking if you want the table to have a formal, elegant, casual, festive look, etc. depending on the kind of event you want to achieve. In turn, you should pay attention to napkins, doilies, table centerpiece and other accessories to assemble a table according to the circumstances.

 First of all, if you want to provide an informal image to your table you have 3 recommended options. The first and most economical is the paper tablecloth. Simply choose an attractive design and your table will have a cheerful image. The second option is a vinyl tablecloth, which is often used very frequently to organize parties for children. If you like this option, maybe you can supplement it with kids decals in the living room walls. Surely the kids will love this set. Finally, the third alternative you can take is the classic tablecloth fabric, which can also be used for a more formal event. 


In this sense, cloth tablecloths are often used in formal events as they are the more traditional choice of all the world. An advantage of such mats is that you can combine with paper napkins but also with cloth napkins, plus there are many easy to clean and maintain designs. In turn, if you want to provide an elegant image and make it a classy table, undoubtedly a lace tablecloth is the best choice. 

Another factor to consider in relation to informality and formality that has the event is the size of the tablecloth, but more precisely what is known as the "fall " of it. For an informal event usually short tablecloth practically just drop by the edges of the table used. But if you're in the presence of a more formal event, much better if the tablecloth is large. An example of this is that in the elegant lounges, tablecloths often come to the floor. Have you noticed?


Finally, a suggestion that will be very useful is that not forget to use accessories like napkin rings, a centerpiece according to the occasion, candles, or any element that brings distinction to the event you are planning. For instance, a Christmas table is important to decorate with red reasons or if you’re celebrating Valentine, rose petals will provide an excellent set. 

However, if it is a child's birthday you have to decorate the whole atmosphere of creative, sociable and fun as the kids will feel comfortable and enjoy very much being held there with the birthday kid. You can buy some kids wall decals that match the decor of your tablecloth and fully transform the environment.  


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