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Kitsch Style Decoration

Those engaged in related art and aesthetic activities; know that diversity of tastes and preferences is as vast as the number of people in the world. Or as they say popular way: "there are tastes for everything." So, that some find unpleasant, for others it's beautiful and vice versa.

But it is also true that there are more or less established parameters to define what is considered aesthetically pleasing and what is not. There are criteria of balance, color scheme, etc. However, often these aesthetic conventions break and give way to styles that disobey. One of these styles is the Kistch.

Kitsch is a style that is primarily associated with extravagance, pop culture and is at the opposite extreme minimalism. The colors and shapes will be protagonists in this feature "aesthetics" of Kitsch.


The colors are garish mostly: fuchsia, yellow, red, gold. In the decoration of homes, including unusual patterns it is typical of this style. Animal-Print in the kitchen and retro motifs in the bathroom to give an example.

Kitsch can be a good choice if you are looking for a fun style that will give freedom to add foreign objects. If you are a collector, or if you like retro fairs objects, kitsch is for you.

The absurdity of the mixtures (of ages, colors, patterns, fabrics, materials and textures) can incorporate objects of different styles that would not work in other decorative trend. In this particular trend can coexist religious figures, amulets, sculptures, artificial flowers, mirrors, kitchen sets in the living room or office toys and comic scenes, among other strange combinations.


When reflect the style on the walls, an excellent option is to use self-adhesive vinyl. If you do not know what they are, here we will explain and give you some ideas for decorating with kitsch. If you still have doubts, you can check out our store wall decals.

Kitsch Decor with Wall Decals

The decals can be a great help in an environment giving a touch of style you need. The vinyls are easy to install, clean, customizable and can be removed and replaced periodically if what you like is permanently renew.

Two simple ideas to decorate a wall with kitsch:

1.-Order in our wall decals shop two or three large photographs with the image of an actor or actress from the golden age of Hollywood. Can also be a local artist of the last century, it will even give you a more personal touch. If the design is black and white with a little detail highlighted in a garish color, much better.

2.-The geometric motifs represent very well the retro kitsch. You can fill the entire wall, part or you can use a border that surrounds the subject and playing the four walls of the room.


Now that you have the information and find inspiration in our store and choose wall decal more to your liking.

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