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Loft Style Decor

The loft style originates in the 70s in New York. At that time, young professionals in search of low rents and spacious place, they began to inhabit sheds that could also be used as a workplace. The large spaces allow artists, photographers and painters, have good lighting for their works.

Then it is a growing demand for this type of space. The loft has become a cutting-edge style and high standard. Decorating smaller spaces took elements of style and adapted mixing the own loft, with elements of other styles. The style can also be adapted to the decoration of offices, and in fact is currently used with the rise of co-working spaces that are established in the same kind of sheds that lofts. Creative Workspaces allow the coexistence of different workers in the same environment, and so the loft style is recommended for decoration of shared offices. The spaciousness and good lighting, are an excellent combination for creatives.

The main feature is the existence of a large space without divisions, with an aspect that refers to factories, and light.

The different areas of the house are connected together, perhaps only divided using furniture as a library. To add rooms to the loft, often added mezzanines to separate additional rooms.

The materials used must give a "factory look" into space: cement, brick, plastic and metal for furniture. The original elements of the structure can be incorporated into the decor.
When choosing a color palette, you should favor those cold: light blue, blue, gray and white. To raise the temperature a little place can be combined with earthy colors and vanilla.

Another point to consider is to allow the entry of natural light. The large windows are combined with artificial lights for the night.

The loft should have very high walls. If the place where you want to achieve a decoration loft style not meet this requirement, you can simulate painting the walls with vertical stripes or using a wallpaper with that design.

Loft Style Wall Decals

The wall decals will be useful in your project decorating offices or loft rooms.

One possibility was mentioned above, it is to acquire vinyl with vertical stripes to create an illusion of greater height in the rooms. Another option is useful when creating divisions environments. If you place a traditional library to separate one from the other room, the back of the cabinet can be decorated with wall decals to avoid overlooking the plain wood.

You can also incorporate a vinyl imitating rustic brick walls wing view or directly on the walls to reproduce the look of a factory. With these tips, you can get down to work and start decorating your workspace or your apartment with loft style.

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