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London-Style Decor

A decorating style that today is very popular is the London-style decor. It is very common to confuse the English style itself with this style. However there are differences that are clearly marked. Mainly, one of the main features of London style is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time design and is usually directed at male audiences, under which often use dark colors and a bit saturated and the most common materials are metal and leather.

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One of the first considerations to make is that despite the use of dark tones that can give a picture of a slightly off environment, poor lighting that there should be located strategically to highlight certain focal points (for example, some wall decals) and thus vinyl generate a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.

estilo londinense-1

A plus is the London style that combines antiques with modern lamps or vice versa furniture (modern objects in conjunction with outdated furniture and lamps).

However, beyond everything it said so far this style has two main axes can not ignore. For one, the walls painted black or dark navy blue (you can even apply wall decals to match the occasion) and on the other the English flag. This particular item, you can use both upholstery, curtains or even placing a wallpaper on the wall. Once you have these two basic elements, you can continue decorating and combining your furniture, accessories, lamps, etc.

With regard to furniture, there are no limits except those that are painted or are of light wood as well as those with a feminine style, because they go against what the London style needs. For this reason, seeking broadly choose furniture with dark wood tone and possibly with straight lines unadorned. Going to the particular, in the case of wanting to have a sofa you need to know that it must be leather and preferably chocolate or black and if possible acquire it used, much better.

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Continuing along the upholstery is a rule that you forget delicate fabrics (the silk) and patterned with flowers. This is because as the leather is the material of choice, the rest of the upholstery must be thick and strong. An idea that will be helpful is to try upholstered bench seats with a Turkish or Persian carpet or if you prefer to opt for artificial skins.

Finally, in relation to the decorative objects there is no particular restriction but avoid incorporating those that give a delicate image. As for colors, you can use the gold, bronze, copper and even silver lamp frames.

Since Vinilismo.com, we hope this article has been helpful to decorate your home to London style and do not forget to consult for wall decals of custom designs that can complement your decor.

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