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Mexican-style decoration

It is common to find in our current lifestyle situations which in some cases are more stressful than others. Whether in matters of money, work, health and even family can not bring calm we need. In light of this, it is very important that you can create an environment in your home as relaxed as possible so you can free yourself from these tensions. The Mexican-style decor, is within the styles of decoration of houses, the one to achieve that goal as it provides much peace and quiet but also transforms the space into a more beautiful and cheerful atmosphere.

Overall, the Mexican decor is very focused on what is the color scheme (which are commonly bright) and handmade accessories. In line with that, what distinguishes this style from the rest is its highly sophisticated art and strong passion for culture.


As experts in home decor, from Vinilismo.com we suggest you to start transforming your environment you should start on the ground. The floor in the Mexican style usually of wood, stone or tile covered by carpet with strong and vibrant like red, orange, yellow or blue.

The second aspect to consider are the walls. One idea that we suggest you is to install wall decals of shapes and geometric figures as well as handmade decorations that hang or boxes with pictures of ocean or wall carpets, which are also very typical. All you have to ensure is not overburden the space with decoration and leave plenty of room between each decorative element to provide a feeling of relaxation and avoid saturation.

An accessory that we recommend and looks good with the above suggestions is to put some plants in terracotta pots. At the same time, a wooden candlestick in the main living room table will add a distinctive touch to the environment. Regarding the design of the table, it can be rustic and combinations of particular colors such as beige with brown or white to beige.

Also, consider buying some cactus as a centerpiece or to place them on the kitchen window and crafts made with clay are also a characteristic style.

Meanwhile, if you want to give a Mexican style to your room, the bed can be of the same features as the table and ideally accompany turquoise cushions to add a little color to the environment. Also, you can hang on a wall a picture of art or painting to create a nice visual.

Finally, if you have a yard and want to give this style of decoration, you can add a few shades of bright colors in what would be the door leading to the yard to also combine with the rest of the interior decoration.

And do not forget that in Vinilismo.com are professionals on interior decoration of houses and we will be happy to advise you on what you need to transform your home into a cheerful, pleasant and warm space.

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