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Not the same decorate a house to an apartment

When decorating a home, we must make a clear distinction between what would be a decoration for an apartment and what would work for a larger space if we have to decorate a house. The fact of having fewer square meters not mean we can not give the rooms a warmth and a special tone that allows live comfortably.

 Starting with the decor departments, the main point is decorating walls with light colors because they generate the effect of having a light and airy atmosphere, something that perhaps in a house can be overlooked.

The second factor to consider extremely important is the size and value of the furniture you choose. In a house, certainly space is not something of worry. For example, while in the house we have a comfortable sofa and a bed in the room in an apartment (especially in mono- environments) the idea of ​​buying a sofa that fulfills both functions when needed, appears as a very interesting alternative to optimize space and cost savings. Regarding the remaining furniture, it is important not populate the environment but use those that are functional taking care not to place them in locations that interfere step.

These are key points described to decorate the living room of the apartment. What we must not forget is the importance of placing a mirror as optical favor of having a much larger space. And it should be noted that in case of having more than one environment, these same tips apply for the rooms individually.


Meanwhile, with regard to the decor of a house may have certain similarities and differences to decorate a department. For example, in regards to decorating walls if you want to highlight the environment and make extensive use neutral colors would be interesting. If, however, have clear furniture, paint a wall of dark colors can provide excellent contrast. 

Regarding the furniture, the big difference is that the apartment naturally has a larger space, but that doesn’t mean that the same precautions are not taken looking optimization and functionality thereof. This is how a living room full of furniture, is able to reduce significantly the space which when compared with which space was optimized department is greatly note the difference between the environments. On the other hand, have more space allows us to choose furniture of different styles whose combination proves harmonious and pleasant. 


For this reason, as we said at the beginning it is essential that when decorating one option or another, first do a proper evaluation and planning of available space. There is no magic formula for decoration. Everything happens for the personal taste of each. So go ahead and decorate your apartment or house giving you your own identity to your home.


The advantage of having housing options either house or apartment, is that both can be decorate with wall decals.

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