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What objects must acquire to get a minimalist decor?

If you have an apartment or small house and are trying to find the right look to decorate, we suggest you lean for a minimalist style. The essence of this style is basically that "less is more". If we were to define it broadly, it can be said that the minimalist decor is one that is characterized by simple, optimizing the little space that you own, or in terms of design, the predominance of soft colors (especially decorating walls), thus giving a modern style without being boring.


Among the most important aspects of this style, we find:

a) Amplitude of spaces, so it is important to have the least amount of objects.

b) Order, one of the basic premises in order to achieve balance and harmony in the environment.

c) Neutral colors, such as white, black or gray are best used especially decorating walls.

d) Minimalist furniture, characterized by being simple, multifunctional and especially straight.


Depending on the type of environment we want to decorate, they can vary the amount of objects to get this particular style. If you are decorating a room, just enough to have a couch, two chairs minimalist style (neutral color) and a coffee table (with a vase of flowers ornament). Should have a little more space you can add a TV as well as a pair of lamps to help design. Finally, to take advantage of airspace can put some pictures or artwork.


But if we want to decorate a room with a bed, a wardrobe and a bedside table are sufficient. A further added, can be a bookcase to be hanging on the wall to get more floor space as well as a small potted plant. With regard to the bed, which are minimal beds are characterized by having an elegant and aesthetic connected to the oriental more, which ends reflecting for example, in the design of the bed frames. Finally, in line with the similarity of oriental style, there are particular options that are specific to the minimalist style, such as rolling mattresses, allowing an open feeling of the environment by having the mattress on the floor and feel the roof is a little further away.

Finally, we can also give a minimalist style to the bathroom. To begin, you should hide only the items that are used in daily routine and the rest can be stored in a box inside your closet. In turn, the key to achieving a minimalist look is to keep these hidden elements often used either in a drawer, behind a mirror or located within an organizer. Decorating walls in the bathroom should be clear tone to give the impression that the space is broader than the actual and towels undoubtedly color from white to blend in. Finally, a good suggestion to complement all this is to change the taps by others according to the design and shower curtain for a door acrylic (or failing a transparent curtain).


As you may have noticed, the minimalist decor ultimately seeks to preserve the design of the house on the highest level of simplicity, order and neatness as possible, is for this reason that the minimalist style can go in excellent harmony with some wall decals.

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