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Outdoor and garden decor

Can you imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper on your garden or backyard while enjoying the flowers and trees? While outdoor decor is charming and wonderful results activity, not everyone has the clarity and patience to do. So our idea from Vinilismo.com is not just being a store of wall decals for interior but also give you all the tools to help you decorate your yard or garden.

Before you begin, you should know that this activity requires a little work, not only for proper decoration but also to maintain it thereafter. Trees, flowers and furniture that have to be maintained on a regular basis. If you are willing to make this effort, then read on.

Beginning with the furniture, the key is not what kind of furniture going to place (tables, chairs, etc.) but that they are resistant to all weather conditions, regardless of the style you choose. So to avoid having a heavy workload, we recommend you to choose furniture that require little or no maintenance.

Speaking of materials, the most commonly used are wood, plastic, wicker and wrought iron. If you live in a region where the rains are very common, you should take caution if you choose wooden furniture, so that they are not exposed outdoors because the water can ruin them. Nonetheless, there are some that are waterproof, but are obviously more expensive than traditional ones.


Meanwhile, if you prefer a more elegant and enduring style, the option we recommend is to opt for wrought iron furniture, but keep in mind that can rust over time. In turn, the chairs can be a bit uncomfortable if not complement it with a good cushion to enhance the comfort level.

Beyond the material for which you lean up and depending on the size of your garden or backyard, we suggest the following furniture:

Table and Chairs: The table size will depend directly from outer space you have. For this you must take good measures in order to avoid overloading the space and losing comfort. In regard to color, you are free to choose the one you like best. Regarding chairs, as we mentioned earlier, if you choose wrought iron chairs, we suggest you supplement them with soft cushions. Although we should not leave out the choices rocking chairs, looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.


Parasol: Especially for times of high temperatures, it is recommended that you install an umbrella to protect you from the sun, so you can get a cool retreat especially in hot and heavy days. When choosing an umbrella, seeks choose one that has a colorful and cheerful look. You will see that enhances the beauty of your yard or garden.


Decorative Accessories: Both the table and chairs and parasol are basics you should have in your yard or garden. But if you want to decorate it in a nicer way you can try adding exterior lamps, fountains or waterfalls miniature vases, plants and maybe some aviary.


Finally, we remind from Vinilismo.com, wall decal store specializing in solutions for indoor and outdoor decoration, have in mind that like any internal environment of the house, furniture must avoid overloading the space you want to decorate for achieve greater wellness.

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