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  • Decorating spaces with Wallpaper

    Give importance to the walls of your rooms is a smart and efficient way to deal with your decorating project. The walls have great visual impact being the largest room surfaces. Thus, painting a wall with a smooth color is wasting a great opportunity.

    The best way to leverage your walls to add to the decor, is the use of wallpaper.

    The wallpaper covering imperfections of your walls, hidden spots and blemishes and gives new life to the environments. The wall decals also have the advantage of adapting the size of the walls. Do you have wall space that has become empty next to a library? You can place there a custom vinyl with any form.

    You should not limit yourself to buy a wallpaper covering all the walls of the room. Harnesses the power and versatility offered by wall decals. The geometric patterns can create interesting visual effects, such as to show a higher than it actually is ceiling. Floral prints can give your living room or bedroom a touch of romance and femininity that you are looking for. There are even versions that have a touch of humor that can be used in a space of young job.

    If you have a design in mind, you can order in our store. It is a highly customizable material. If large prints are not your thing, or do you prefer a solid color that predominates, there are wallpaper borders made with vinyl, which will give that finishing touch to your wall.

    In turn, you can find a variety of children's designs for children's rooms.

    Advantages of Decorating with Wall Decals

    They are versatile: They come in various prints and colors. They can be used on walls, but also on other surfaces. Some people even decorate their furniture (tables, libraries) and appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens) with special motives made with vinyl. There are also designs with textures and visual effects.

    They are easy to install: Its placement does not take much time and no need of special materials. They can be placed by anyone, ie it is not necessary to hire a specialist. Their placement is clean and does not require empty room or cover the furniture as if you must when you paint a room. Removing them is even easier, making them a suitable choice for those who get bored quickly and need vary it periodically the decoration. Do not require special drying time and depend on the weather to place better, do not emit toxic gases and strong odors. Therefore, you can place your vinyl or wallpaper anytime of the day.

    Decorating with vinyl offers many possibilities allowing you to leave your imagination and your creativity put into play. But also let you save time by choosing to place a clever design if you do not feel particularly inspired. Remember that the vinyls are easily adapted to the particular needs of your decorating project.

  • Decorate the Corners

    When we dedicated ourselves to decorate a room, usually we give greater importance to some areas than others. First choose the colors of big surfaces, then pay attention to the furniture that deal space. We will also consider textiles: carpets, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

    But when planning a creative strategy, we can make the mistake of ignoring corners left "blank". These corners can be exploited with a little ingenuity, to finish to complete the idea of the room.

    To decorate the corners of your home, you can decide whether you want a simple decoration or to be functional.
    For a simple decor, you can always turn to nature. A pot that matches the style you have chosen, will give life to this forgotten corner.

    A practical option is to create a reading corner. Place a corner shelves and there, put your reading material. You can also take advantage of the corners to set up a small working space: a boy desk for your laptop, a comfortable chair and you're done. The idea of the reading corner is versatile and can adapt to your bedroom or living room. If you or someone resides with enjoy cooking, you can even create a corner for books in your kitchen, using shelves containing utensils, ingredients and recipe books.

    Another alternative is provided by the mirrors. A corner is a good place to place a large mirror, as it will change the perception of space. If you have a set of chairs, try to place them so that you take advantage of all the space: a fair chair in a corner and the other around.

    To give a special touch to your graphic corners, another option is to buy wall decals and play with the wide possibilities offered.

    Decorating Corners Wall Decals

    To give life to this forgotten corner, you can buy wall decals and place them. One option is to choose a symmetrical reason, and place it right on the corner, with one half for each wall. The visual effect is very original, and give continuity to the space. It is especially suited for large spaces.

    If you have interested in our idea of reading corner, a vinyl is fantastic to complete an original library. You can purchase wall decals to place above the corner shelves and simulate a traditional library.

    If you get a piece of furniture to put in an empty corner, you can also decorate it with wall decals. Looking at our catalog and find a design that matches your style. If not, remember that the vinyls are highly customizable. You can also arrange the design or image you want and place it yourself.

    Vinyls are clean and simple installation: no need to place empty room. Simply prepare the wall and place it carefully. When you want to change this, simply take off and you put another design. This way you can change the appearance of the corners simply and without spending too much money.

    Empty corners are opportunities to give the final touch to your decor. Take advantage of them!

  • Getting the Perfect Dining for your Department

    The dining room of an apartment can be a key room: it will develop meetings, meals with friends and family dinners. Therefore, you should not neglect your decor.

    The dining room of your apartment should be useful to you. The decor is important, but you should not forget that is a room that you will give a specific use. Furniture and ornaments should be tailored to that end.

    For example, why have a wine cellar if you do not like wine? The decor must always adapt to our needs and not vice versa.

    If it comes to a small apartment, you can take general tricks for small spaces. For example, for the decoration of walls, it is advisable to use light colors, preferably white, to bring light and give the illusion of a larger space. This is also achieved by placing mirrors that cheat the perception and make see the wider space.

    Instead of a rectangular table, you can place a round table, which will extend the crossing sites. If the table is glass or acrylic, even better. These materials allow the passage of light and make the room look larger.


    Lighting should not be neglected. In general, the lights must be clear and combined with natural light. If there are windows, looking shades that match the rest of the furniture.

    If you have a more spacious and comfortable space, you can incorporate a small breakfast bar for two, or for making drinks in your meetings with friends. If space is tight, you can arm yourself with wit and put a folding shelf that can be stored when they are not using.


    We have already mentioned that, to decorate the walls of your room, use light colors and pastels. But not required that the wall is smooth. You can decorate the walls of your room with wall decals and wallpaper borders.

    Dining Decor with Wall Decals

    You can add a little color to your room with the use of decorative borders. The borders are long and narrow lines of vinyl, which can be stamped or not, and standing along the walls of a room. You can follow a more traditional style using wallpaper borders with classic prints of simple lines, or you can risk being original and place another colorful and daring.

    If you have a design in mind, you can look at our store wall decals and take care of a custom order.

    The borders will allow you to change the face of your room simple and fast, as you can incorporate without redecorate the room, or move furniture to do so. Unlike paint, wall decals can be applied without mess and without hiring a specialist.


    You can also decorate a wall of your room with figures made of vinyl. Find one that is to your liking and provides an element of modern decor and customized for the finishing touch to the perfect dining.

  • "Gold" Decor

    One of the most luxurious trends in home decorating is the "Gold." As its name implies, the "Gold" decor is highlighted by the use of gold and textures that refer to gold.

    Symbol of wealth and glamor, and very present in the palaces and hotels of the richest places in the world, gold is the star of this style.

    If we had to define this style in a few words, we would say that is opulence at its finest. We invite you now to take a look at its features to decide whether or not you are interested in decorating homes with this style.

    The first thing to consider is to lose the fear of excesses: the Gold decoration is itself exaggerated in abundance and luxury furniture, but especially in regard to objects and accessories.

    One feature that makes it interesting is that it can be incorporated subtly decorated rooms with other styles, harmonizing perfectly with them.

    To avoid falling into the rough, you need to find the fine line separating the elegance. The key, as usual is balance and compensation. For some, gold is the "new black". Now we can find it in lamps, mirrors, dishes and all kinds of accessories.

    A golden piece of furniture will be the focus of your living room Gold. Easy order to incorporate and to find are gold-framed mirrors.

    Speaking of colors that can accompany the gold blends perfectly with the black and white. Gold and black are a traditional combination that will give any room elegance and sophistication, but be careful not to downplay the lighting. Otherwise, the room with this color combination will suffer from an atmosphere and ambience a bit dark.

    The bathroom presents an excellent opportunity for the implementation of Gold style. The use of gold color taps give a great touch of sophistication to the room. It may also be included in the lamps and bathroom.

    Wall Decals in Gold Decoration

    When planning the decoration of houses in Gold style, we can make use of wall decals. The vinyl will be useful to give the golden touch to the walls of the home. You can opt for a gold wallpaper to cover an entire room, or a smaller design, or a pattern in a border to frame the wall.

    The wall decals not only apply on the walls, but they are also very useful to give a special touch to the furniture in your home. So we suggest you visit our store and looking for the design that you like, or directly encárganos a custom design. Remember that both a place like removing vinyl is very easy, and if you get tired of seeing the same pattern on the wall or in a cabinet, you can simply replace it with another, no mess and no need to hire a specialist.

  • Formal Decorating Style

    A very important definition when planning decorating a bedroom, kitchen, living room or office, it is dividing the formal to the informal. To do this we must analyze various factors such as the age of those who make use of the room, the type of meetings that will be held there, the style used in the rest of the home / office, and of course, the personal taste of who decides.

    In addition to making the spaces most pleasing to the eye, choosing a decorating style environments, communicates something who enters a room. The choice of the formal style in a house, inspire sobriety, elegance, sophistication. In the decoration of offices also will accentuate the seriousness, honesty and respect for history and tradition.

    The formal style is more an intention to communicate a list of features. Formality should breathe in the air. However, we will try to list some tips to accompany the decoration of offices or homes of formal style.

    One of the features that distinguishes the decorated spaces with formal style is the symmetry. Symmetry in the location of windows, furniture, paintings and works of art, carpets and floors. This gives the idea of thoroughness, control, and that nothing is left to chance.

    It may be interesting to use a piece of furniture or a work of -tradicional- art as focus. Examples include windows that let in natural light and allow us to observe a nice view, a traditional fireplace, a sculpture, a painting or a piece of furniture, always in traditional style.

    There's own characteristics of the spaces that help in the creation of formal style features: high ceilings and large windows are some of them.

    As for colors, neutrals should be preferred, since they enable the inclusion of a wide variety of objects, furniture and prints without breaking the balance and elegance characteristic of this style. It should not be forgotten that if we have an attraction, you need to pay attention to the color for the rest of the objects will not break the equilibrium.

    Curtains should be thick and preferably smooth fabrics in neutral colors. It is preferable to avoid the prints, with the exception of the eastern and Persians.

    Lean by antique furniture or issue that style. Also they are preferred wood furniture and accessories metal such as bronze.

    As for the lighting, lamp type spider give a special touch to your room, and also according to their size and importance, can become the focal point of your decor.

    To larger illusion of space, they can be added mirrors without forgetting symmetry.

    Decals for Formal Decoration

    To complement decorating offices or other rooms, wall decals can be used.

    The wall decals are an option increasingly consolidated in the field of decoration, for his relationship cost / benefit / versatility / ease of placement and removal.

    For the formal style, some geometric designs can help create symmetry in the pattern walls. Also they are used as wallpaper borders. Another option is the decoration of the mirror frames, or also, in the case of offices, for glass doors.



  • Floral Decoration

    Flowers are a vital element and widely used in the decoration. In the form of printed textiles, painting walls, or in the form of natural flowers, flowers are able to give the rooms a natural, young and lively air.

    The decor with floral theme can be used in a variety of environments and situations: a living room, a living room, a bedroom or to decorate the room of a teenager or a child. The possibilities are endless and the result is always beautiful. It's just a matter of letting your imagination and creativity put into play.

    Floral prints leave ample room for personal taste, as there are flowers of all sizes, shapes and colors. There are even futuristic and abstract flowers.

    Another advantage of the flowers decorating walls, furniture and accessories is its ability to combine a wide variety of other patterns and textures: polka dots, stripes, waves, circles and geometric prints.


    One consideration to keep in mind is not to saturate the environment with too many prints. To do this, you should intersperse solid colors with prints. For example, if there are carpets and floral curtains, choosing a chair plain color that contrasts with the colors of floral print.

    You can also include flowers in your furniture: upholstered couch with floral pattern, a puff couch with flower shape for a girl's room, or a more original option: decorate a table or dresser with a vinyl with floral print. The wall decals can be applied in a variety of surfaces, including wood. When you want to give a different style furniture, you simply fold.

    A good choice to accentuate the floral style is the addition of flowers in accessories. In decoration shops you will find many options in lamps, cushions, carpets, curtains and other objects. Take care that objects are integrated in the environment naturally.


    For the decoration of walls, the options are also limitless. You can choose to leave them painted with one color and then include flowers on the furniture or accessories, or give greater prominence to the walls with a painting of flowers in bright colors are the protagonists of the decor. An easy and interesting way is through the use of wall decals.

    You simply choose the floral motif of a catalog, or order a custom design that you want to decorate walls and place it on the wall.


    The floral style gives a lot of freedom and leaves much room for play on personal taste, but must be careful not to overdo it and saturating the atmosphere.

  • Victorian Decor Style

    The Victorian decor is one of the most famous and traditional, widespread especially in the United States and England. He was born mainly as a style of architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain since the mid to late nineteenth century. Then, by its sobriety and particularities, invade other areas such as fashion, literature, decorative arts and visual arts. It is one of the classics that never go out of fashion. If you currently have a home decorating project and are interested in the Victorian style, follow our advice.

    The furniture in a room decorated in Victorian style should be rather large and wood. They have curved lines and hand carved. They have ornaments and, if you have upholstered, are leather or floral patterns. In the bedrooms, the beds should have big heads. As for the tables, it is preferred to choose the round and wide feet.

    This style of decoration highlights the use of textures. The most commonly used fabrics are silk and velvet, which can be applied in curtains and upholstery. On the curtains can be added embroidery, lace, tassels and fringe.

    As for the colors used for the decoration of houses in Victorian style, you must choose between the darkest ranges: red, brown, gold and green. There is also room for the purple and mauve.

    This is one of those styles of decoration that does not skimp on the presence of accessories. If you visit a decoration shop, you will find many options Victorian accessories: statues, candles, mirrors, photographs, trunks with an antique touch. Take care that no "bare spots" in the rooms.

    Floors should be preferably wood. You can also include carpets to create contrast in the room.

    One aspect that some people forget when carrying a home decorating project is enlightenment. In the case of Victorian lighting it is key: if it gets into your budget, consider buying a vintage chandelier to make it protagonist of the room. Failing that, look for light bulbs whose shape mimics that of candles. If possible, allows natural light through the windows.

    When paint or decorate the walls, you can opt for floral patterns, or including birds and butterflies. To avoid clutter, complications and save time and money, you can use wall decals.

    Wall Decals for Victorian Style

    You can take advantage of the variety and high customization of vinyl for the walls of your Victorian room.

    It will be a more traditional pattern in floral style, but you can also opt to choose an original design as a monochromatic landscape. Our wall decals store offers options in Victorian style but you can also order a custom design if you have in mind. To choose a custom design, do not forget that the Victorian style is characterized by the use of dark colors like burgundy, green or purple, floral patterns and prints, although you can also include butterflies or birds.

  • Waste Reduction at Home

    Since not many years ago, humans began to become aware of the damage that can progress to cause on Earth. Pollution, increased waste and lack of care, have caused much damage.

    As inhabitants of the planet, we must be responsible and work from our place to reduce the negative impact that our lifestyle can have on nature.

    Change can start from small changes in everyday life: turn off the lights did not use to save energy, use less the car and replace it by bike or simply walking, and reduce waste we generate are good ways to begin the change.

    We can also contribute to environmental stewardship talking with family and coworkers about these concerns, and coordinating these small actions to achieve a more global change.


    Our wall decals store will do its part, by giving you ideas to reduce waste that is generated after using our products. When you place an order at our wall decals store, the order comes in a cardboard box containing the product. And after being applied, will remain as residue a sheet of transfer paper.

    To use these elements, we introduce an idea that, in addition to helping reduce waste, will be very helpful in keeping your home organized.

    Box Organizer and Technical Kirigami

    The Kirigami not to be confused with the technique of origami although they are related. Both work on paper, but is not karigami simple folds, but involves creating reliefs by performing cuts. The results can be truly amazing and beautiful.


    What will you need?

    1.- Materials Leftover of your vinyl purchased at our store: cardboard box and the paper sheet transfer.

    2.- A special design for kirigami

    3.- Vinyl glue or tape

    4.- Cutter

    5.- Colored markers

    What is the procedure?

    1.- Draw on a transfer paper a special design for kirigami (You can find "kirigami templates" on the web. There are simple models and other complex, please start with a simple one and then experience).

    2.- Use the cutter to make the necessary cuts in the design. With the same cutter, make folds to create the relief of the figure.


    And presto! And you have your organizer Homemade Karigami design and you've made your contribution to reducing waste at home and on the planet. We hope you like this idea of recycling have served to you as inspiration and can create your own organizers.

  • Loft Style Decor

    The loft style originates in the 70s in New York. At that time, young professionals in search of low rents and spacious place, they began to inhabit sheds that could also be used as a workplace. The large spaces allow artists, photographers and painters, have good lighting for their works.

    Then it is a growing demand for this type of space. The loft has become a cutting-edge style and high standard. Decorating smaller spaces took elements of style and adapted mixing the own loft, with elements of other styles. The style can also be adapted to the decoration of offices, and in fact is currently used with the rise of co-working spaces that are established in the same kind of sheds that lofts. Creative Workspaces allow the coexistence of different workers in the same environment, and so the loft style is recommended for decoration of shared offices. The spaciousness and good lighting, are an excellent combination for creatives.

    The main feature is the existence of a large space without divisions, with an aspect that refers to factories, and light.

    The different areas of the house are connected together, perhaps only divided using furniture as a library. To add rooms to the loft, often added mezzanines to separate additional rooms.

    The materials used must give a "factory look" into space: cement, brick, plastic and metal for furniture. The original elements of the structure can be incorporated into the decor.
    When choosing a color palette, you should favor those cold: light blue, blue, gray and white. To raise the temperature a little place can be combined with earthy colors and vanilla.

    Another point to consider is to allow the entry of natural light. The large windows are combined with artificial lights for the night.

    The loft should have very high walls. If the place where you want to achieve a decoration loft style not meet this requirement, you can simulate painting the walls with vertical stripes or using a wallpaper with that design.

    Loft Style Wall Decals

    The wall decals will be useful in your project decorating offices or loft rooms.

    One possibility was mentioned above, it is to acquire vinyl with vertical stripes to create an illusion of greater height in the rooms. Another option is useful when creating divisions environments. If you place a traditional library to separate one from the other room, the back of the cabinet can be decorated with wall decals to avoid overlooking the plain wood.

    You can also incorporate a vinyl imitating rustic brick walls wing view or directly on the walls to reproduce the look of a factory. With these tips, you can get down to work and start decorating your workspace or your apartment with loft style.

  • Georgian Decor Style

    Architectural styles are often the inspiration for interior decoration. This is the case of the Georgian style, inspired by the architecture of the dynasty of Georgia, who ruled England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

    This elegant style can fit the decor of the rooms of your home, you just have to pay attention to its characteristics to reproduce and adapt to your spaces. The colors represent the most appropriate way Georgian are pale as cream, dark pink, sage green, light blue. Floors and baseboards can include wood colors, white, olive and stone.

    If you are among your chances, including a fireplace in the room, you'll end accentuate the style of the room.

    The design called "Toile de Jouy" in the patterns is essential. It may be included on the couches or chairs upholstered in pillows and even curtains. The Toile de Jouy comes in different patterns and colors, all are valid. Other common patterns are stripes, Chinese designs of birds, flowers and landscapes. Garland type curtains or blinds are also included.

    Furniture should be preferably wood and very delicate. The ideals are those that have carved legs curves. The backrests (chairs, couches and beds) are drafts. You can also include fabric-lined furniture.

    When choosing objects to decorate, you should seek chandeliers, gilded mirrors or carved wood frame, flowers, vases, wooden lamps, glass, brass or silver. Try to keep a symmetrical pattern in the decor of the rooms with Georgian style.

    An interesting idea for decorating walls is to divide the walls into three parts: the lower part of about 75 cm, it can be covered with wood paneling. These coatings can be replaced by the use of wall decals with wood motifs. Part of the center is decorated with fabric panels and, finally, top with a cornice fleecy right on the part near the ceiling.

    Decorating with Wall Decals

    As already mentioned, wood is an important element in this style. Whether for decorating walls or furniture coating can be as a side table, the decals will be very useful when it comes to imitating the texture.

    If the idea for wall decoration in three sectors is not to your liking, another option is to upholster one wall with vinyl stamping Toile de Jouy style. This motive will leave the imprint of Georgian in your room, and can be combined with a similar increase in the upholstered armchairs, cushions or curtains reason.

    The vinyls have advantages over paint when such patterns mimic much detail. The work of a painter to fill a wall with these reasons would be very expensive, time consuming and cause setbacks in the home run. Wall decals are clean and easy and quick installation.

    Looking design that you like and begin to shape your room Georgian style.

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