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  • Choose your perfect lamp

    Lighting is a key aspect in every environment for its practicality and aesthetics. For this reason, beyond the natural light you can get it is important to pay attention to achieve good artificial lighting. In light of this, in this article we propose give you the necessary guidelines so you can choose your perfect lamp.

    Each space at home is a little different, so when choosing how to illuminate environments, you should consider decorating the walls. For example, the lamps are a great choice to add beauty to a room, in addition to providing excellent lighting. There are also special lamps to illuminate a dark environment, to complement the decor of your home or those that are ideal for creating a certain atmosphere.

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    There are several types of lamps that fits your needs: Hanging lamps or table lamps, desk lamps and decorative lamps. Based on this, it is that you must evaluate the environment we want to place the lamp, and also consider the space, style and brightness that it will grant you.

    In the case of hanging lamps, it is a perfect decoration for the living room. It is important to measure how high will be, as well to consider its structure and especially their weight. In case of having young children it is advisable to opt for less heavy and more stable lamps, in order to avoid any kind of occasional accident.

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    With respect to the lamps, they are ideal when you have little space and you need a practical and adjustable lamp to move from place times as you like as you go changing the organization of your furniture as well as highlight the decoration of a wall. For example, if you have wall decals in any sector you can focus the light to highlight them from the rest of the decoration.

    Desk lamps as well as being an interesting decorative element are ideal for nightstands or to build your own office at home. And finally, decor lamps are special to certain small areas of the house such as hallways, staircases and / or shelving that complement lot with the decoration of each room.

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    In regards to styles, beyond the type of lamp you choose, you'll find in the current market a variety of interesting styles. From traditional to more contemporary options and you can also find many more modern style. It is at this stage of the election, which must take into account the decor of the environment you are going to illuminate. Many people like to match the styles and others, a little more brave, like to play with the mixture. What do you prefer?

  • Pop art decor

    The Pop Art style decor is basically characterized by the originality and innovation imposing style. Unlike other styles you do not need to buy furniture for a certain design, nor combine colors and decorations to match. In the decoration Pop Art is essential spontaneity and convey optimism and sense of humor, which if you are a brave person and you dare to decorate your home under this style, this article will surely be very useful.

    As a first step, you should know that the style Pop Art does not apply to traditional homes but should be spacious with a youthful tone and full of cheerful colors. Is for this reason that one of its features is to use images of the era in which it was created (around 60). These in turn can be supplemented with some wallpaper and used furniture or accessories in bright colors. For this reason, it is not surprising to observe pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and also decorative accessories with brands of the time like Coca Cola, for example.

    Second, keep in mind that the color is a key point in this style. Basically, they often use bright and vivid colors but always generating some contrast. No Pop Art style without the presence of contrasts. At the same time, which should take into consideration it is what colors to use depending on the environment you're decorating.

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    In the case of a living room, you can choose to install a wallpaper on the walls or paint them purple, white or beige, as the most characteristic colors. Any of these options should be combined with furniture and decorative objects in strong colors (fuchsia, green, orange are some common options) to generate the contrast previously talked. At the same time, you can incorporate some retro objects such as old TVs or phones. Remember, in this style, aesthetic is more important than functional aspect.

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    If you want to decorate your kitchen, a good idea is to place black and white tiles on the floor and put some pictures on the walls with representative images. Meanwhile, with regard to accessories, can for example be stamped plates with geometric shapes or flowers.

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    One of the main advantages offered by Pop Art decor is that if you do not like the idea that your environment is full of bright colors, you can opt for a light version painting the walls in light colors and bright colors allowing for some carpet or the sofa, you can even add some wall decals that go in line with the decor of your home and be a little pop art style. This way you will produce a good contrast without giving an aspect extremely colorful to the environment.

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  • Industrial Decoration

    Among the decorative styles that are gaining much booming today, is industrial-style decor. The origins of this style date back to the 50s in New York City where immigrants seeking to rent affordable housing and apartments began to inhabit abandoned factories. Over the years, all this wildness and ruggedness was becoming a style of decoration of offices and homes. And since it is a timeless, because it is never out of fashion, this article will give you the basic guidelines to help you learn to decorate this way.

    The centerpiece of the industrial style to fully respect the original structural space, either in ceilings, columns, walls and beams. Starting with the roof, have high ceilings is key to success in this style. This is due to the feeling of spaciousness that manages to offer and ideally complemented by beams of metal or wood. However, if you're lucky enough to have a high ceiling, do not grieve. The solution for you in this case is to use decorative beams.

    With respect to the walls, those which are of brick are very characteristic of this style, that is why we must ensure make a regular maintenance to always maintain the historic look but not deteriorated over time.

    Another point to consider are windows. It is very important benefit that natural light can give to the environment, so try not to put curtains or anything that could obstruct the passage of light. This will also help to give an appearance of greater amplitude. However, if you fail to illuminate the room sufficiently you can use metal lamps with rustic finishes, a particular industrial style decorative element.

    Moreover, it is important to note that this style is characterized by combining materials such as metal, aluminum, glass, brick and cement. And to conclude this article, we will provide some key tips to achieve a decoration for offices or homes for the best industrial style.

    a) AlwaysShowOriginalArchitecture: The fact thatbeams, plumbing and electrical installationsare seen,are elements thathelp to givethe appearancethat needsthis style.

    b) Combine Dissimilar Metals: You can choose chairs, lamps and accessories made of iron, steel and aluminum that all combined will give a particular air to the ambient. Andif thewood isto your liking, try to not be sodelicate andpolishedasit usually isbuttough-lookingwood.

    c) Pay attention tothecolors: This styleis accompanied by theuse ofcolors like white, gray, beige andblack, because the focusis onthe structure andcolor should notcause distraction.

    In Vinilismo.com are experts in decorating offices and homes. For this reason, we are ready to help you in whatever you need so you can achieve industrial style decor to your room. Do not forget to ask us!

  • Mexican-style decoration

    It is common to find in our current lifestyle situations which in some cases are more stressful than others. Whether in matters of money, work, health and even family can not bring calm we need. In light of this, it is very important that you can create an environment in your home as relaxed as possible so you can free yourself from these tensions. The Mexican-style decor, is within the styles of decoration of houses, the one to achieve that goal as it provides much peace and quiet but also transforms the space into a more beautiful and cheerful atmosphere.

    Overall, the Mexican decor is very focused on what is the color scheme (which are commonly bright) and handmade accessories. In line with that, what distinguishes this style from the rest is its highly sophisticated art and strong passion for culture.


    As experts in home decor, from Vinilismo.com we suggest you to start transforming your environment you should start on the ground. The floor in the Mexican style usually of wood, stone or tile covered by carpet with strong and vibrant like red, orange, yellow or blue.

    The second aspect to consider are the walls. One idea that we suggest you is to install wall decals of shapes and geometric figures as well as handmade decorations that hang or boxes with pictures of ocean or wall carpets, which are also very typical. All you have to ensure is not overburden the space with decoration and leave plenty of room between each decorative element to provide a feeling of relaxation and avoid saturation.

    An accessory that we recommend and looks good with the above suggestions is to put some plants in terracotta pots. At the same time, a wooden candlestick in the main living room table will add a distinctive touch to the environment. Regarding the design of the table, it can be rustic and combinations of particular colors such as beige with brown or white to beige.

    Also, consider buying some cactus as a centerpiece or to place them on the kitchen window and crafts made with clay are also a characteristic style.

    Meanwhile, if you want to give a Mexican style to your room, the bed can be of the same features as the table and ideally accompany turquoise cushions to add a little color to the environment. Also, you can hang on a wall a picture of art or painting to create a nice visual.

    Finally, if you have a yard and want to give this style of decoration, you can add a few shades of bright colors in what would be the door leading to the yard to also combine with the rest of the interior decoration.

    And do not forget that in Vinilismo.com are professionals on interior decoration of houses and we will be happy to advise you on what you need to transform your home into a cheerful, pleasant and warm space.

  • A baby shower soon? Decorate according to the event

    The baby shower have a long tradition in society and are primarily motivated by the possibility of celebrating one of the most important moments in life of a woman. If you have a baby shower soon, you should consider many aspects to organize it (from decorating walls to atmosphere the place). Therefore, this article will help you to have a decoration according to this event.

    The first thing to do is define the selection of colors you will use based on the sex of the baby. However, if you do not already know, an interesting alternative would decorate according to the mom’s favorite color or use neutral colors like blue, yellow and red.

    Once you have defined the color you should try to have the same combination for napkins, tablecloths, souvenirs and of course the invitations.

    The table will be one of the main furniture that you must take care in decorating. A creative idea is placing a white cloth and throw blue glitter, if the baby is a boy or pink if is a girl. Regarding the centerpieces, you can put dolls stuffed with diapers, small pots lined with colored ribbons or vases with flowers of a single color.

    The wall decoration is also a consideration. For example, you can place kids' wall decals or if you have a white painted wall, we suggest that you decorate with a bouquet of balloons (blue and white or pink and white, as appropriate).

    With regard to cake, this is an important decorative element. A very original idea is to make one of diapers placed next to each other holding them with tape and then place the real the cake. Do not forget to also add small dolls or flowers to decorate. Do not forget to also add small dolls or flowers to decorate.

    You should also try to place the table where guests leave their gifts. As the head table, we suggest you put a nice tablecloth and decorate accordingly with balloons and stuffed animals. You can also put a chalkboard next to some phrase like "Table Gifts" or some other phrase.

    Finally, you must not forget the balloons placed next to the wall, colorful garlands with some phrase like "Welcome to my Baby Shower" or "My Baby Shower" and whose letters have glitter. You see, the main concept is that all the decor is in keeping with the occasion.

  • Outdoor and garden decor

    Can you imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper on your garden or backyard while enjoying the flowers and trees? While outdoor decor is charming and wonderful results activity, not everyone has the clarity and patience to do. So our idea from Vinilismo.com is not just being a store of wall decals for interior but also give you all the tools to help you decorate your yard or garden.

    Before you begin, you should know that this activity requires a little work, not only for proper decoration but also to maintain it thereafter. Trees, flowers and furniture that have to be maintained on a regular basis. If you are willing to make this effort, then read on.

    Beginning with the furniture, the key is not what kind of furniture going to place (tables, chairs, etc.) but that they are resistant to all weather conditions, regardless of the style you choose. So to avoid having a heavy workload, we recommend you to choose furniture that require little or no maintenance.

    Speaking of materials, the most commonly used are wood, plastic, wicker and wrought iron. If you live in a region where the rains are very common, you should take caution if you choose wooden furniture, so that they are not exposed outdoors because the water can ruin them. Nonetheless, there are some that are waterproof, but are obviously more expensive than traditional ones.


    Meanwhile, if you prefer a more elegant and enduring style, the option we recommend is to opt for wrought iron furniture, but keep in mind that can rust over time. In turn, the chairs can be a bit uncomfortable if not complement it with a good cushion to enhance the comfort level.

    Beyond the material for which you lean up and depending on the size of your garden or backyard, we suggest the following furniture:

    Table and Chairs: The table size will depend directly from outer space you have. For this you must take good measures in order to avoid overloading the space and losing comfort. In regard to color, you are free to choose the one you like best. Regarding chairs, as we mentioned earlier, if you choose wrought iron chairs, we suggest you supplement them with soft cushions. Although we should not leave out the choices rocking chairs, looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.


    Parasol: Especially for times of high temperatures, it is recommended that you install an umbrella to protect you from the sun, so you can get a cool retreat especially in hot and heavy days. When choosing an umbrella, seeks choose one that has a colorful and cheerful look. You will see that enhances the beauty of your yard or garden.


    Decorative Accessories: Both the table and chairs and parasol are basics you should have in your yard or garden. But if you want to decorate it in a nicer way you can try adding exterior lamps, fountains or waterfalls miniature vases, plants and maybe some aviary.


    Finally, we remind from Vinilismo.com, wall decal store specializing in solutions for indoor and outdoor decoration, have in mind that like any internal environment of the house, furniture must avoid overloading the space you want to decorate for achieve greater wellness.

  • Different flooring options for your home

    When choosing the right type of flooring for your home, there are a number of factors that you should be considered. To mention some of them, we can cite: the size of the rooms, the existence of pets in the household, the number of people who live, lighting that comes from the windows, as well as the type of decoration we have (wallpaper, murals, wall decals, etc.) For all this, you may see yourself overwhelmed due to the large number of options available. Therefore, in this article we will discuss the most important alternatives to help you to choose the best floor for your home.

    Some years ago, vinyl was a type of floor very chosen given its durability and cost quite economical. However, over the years the world of decoration evolved and to new alternatives decorating with vinyl came to be used in walls and no longer exclusively on floors.

    Among these new alternative flooring types we mentioned, we can find laminate and floating wood, carpet, stone, among others.

    Floating floors are ideal for those seeking similar to wood floors but at a lower price. The main advantage of this kind of flooring is that it is very easy to install, can be easily cleaned and not damaged by water spillage. Under this latter quality is that many people take into consideration for installation at critical places with another kind of soil.


    For its part, the wood floors have been for many years the favorite for many people, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also because they have a high adaptability to any decor you choose in the environment. The only disadvantage we can mention is that require care and maintenance to last as long as other types of flooring.


    A major disadvantage of carpet is accumulating dust and therefore requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Besides, this kind of soil is not ideal for homes where are people who suffer from allergies or toddlers. If that were the case, we recommend you to choose a wooden floor or failing a floating or laminate.

    And finally, another type of flooring option presented is the stone. Within this range you can choose from marble, granite, ceramic or tile for example. The key is that this type of flooring is durable and requires little maintenance but is usually somewhat costly.


    Decorate your home and especially decorating with vinyl is an excellent complement to any kind of soil. You come to visit our store at Vinilismo.com to find the option you like best and suits your needs.

  • How to decorate the baby's room?

    In moments of sweet expected, a topic that excites and motivates parents is how to decorate the room of your future child. Anxiety makes parents are willing to do everything possible to give the best welcome to the newborn baby. Some choose to paint the walls in light colors, others to install wallpaper or wall decals as well, there are those more traditional parents who are inclined decorative objects rather than decorate the walls. For this reason, the purpose of this article will be able to help you have the best decorating your baby deserves telling the most important aspects that have to be considered. The objective is abundantly clear: Provide form a warm, friendly and comfortable environment for your baby.

    Let's start with the color of the bedroom. Usually, the most popular colors are those of soft colors such as beige, blue or pink. In this regard, you should avoid decorating the room with colors too strong. The reason is simple. Being so small, have not yet developed senses completely and is highly likely to feel upset and over-stimulated if they perceive a strong color, which will prevent them relax and fall asleep. For this reason, often used the light blue for boys and light pink for girls.


    Following bedroom decor, many parents choose to place kids wall decals. This kind of vinyl, besides being very easy to install and remove, will provide the environment a fun image that having a smooth wall painted a single color.


    Another point to consider is the level of ventilation that will have the room. Babies are very sensitive about everything that happens around them, which should pay close attention to ventilation bedroom to prevent it affects the health of your baby. In this context, you should not place the baby playpen near to the window avoiding the baby gets sick.

    The third thing to consider is lighting. Like wall decor should be soft and comfortable, through a clear light that prevents the baby can dazzle and uncomfortable. At night, it is recommended that the lighting be softer than during the day to allow relaxation of the baby and can fall asleep harmoniously.

    In regard to the bedding, both the sheets, like pillows, blankets, bedspreads, etc. is ideal that match the decor of the room. If for example, you have chosen kids wall decals with animals, you can buy bedding with puppies or kittens that match the wall. A tip that you should never forget, is to wash the bedding once a week to maintain the cleanliness of the room.


    Finally, when buying a playpen and bassinet, the safety aspect is the priority that both elements must be met. The playpen should be sturdy and strong enough for the baby to sleep as well as daytime play. In turn, must be lined with a soft pad to prevent the baby from being hurt if he hits accidentally.

    We hope these tips be useful and you can decorate your baby's room comfortable. In Vinilismo.com will be willing to help you and advise you on the best styles of decoration for your baby.

  • How to decorate a bathroom?

    The bathroom is a very important place to start adding value to your home. The priority of this article will introduce ideas about what items you can incorporate into your bathroom, for example some wall decals to transform the look and feel of that environment creatively and give your own personality.

    One of the first things to consider is the color scheme you have in your bathroom. This is because depending on how you decorate the walls, this will have a direct influence on the color of objects you choose. For example, you can decorate the bathroom in a different way with wall decals of any particular design to bring you a different perspective.


    The color of bathroom accessories or objects may also influence the style you want to provide. As an example, collocate a shower curtain, towels and rugs green with silver accessories achieve a harmonious combination with sink, toilet and even the tiles that are usually white. Meanwhile, if you want a slightly more glamorous and modern style can go to purple with white trim, or a grayish hue to provide a classic and sophisticated look.

    If you have a vanity cabinet with doors and drawers, a good idea is to buy fabric lined baskets where you can store items neatly and store them inside the cabinet. Similarly, with regard to the drawers you can buy trays with compartments for storing different things like makeup, orderly manner.

    In turn, in bathrooms that have a sort of counter (usually white), you can add some decorative elements that give more style to the environment. In this context, if you have perfume on the counter, it is advisable to place them above a mirrored tray. And since we mention trays, you can also buy some special decoration and place rolled towels. You will see how these two changes will achieve a different bathroom.


    At the same time, you can buy decorative boxes (gray with white trim is an elegant combination) that allow you to save makeup, brushes, etc. Also, it is a good idea to buy some bottles for storing sponges, bath salts and soaps, which when not in use will add a decorative attractive touch to the bathroom.

    If you have a small bathroom, ideally optimize spaces and for this, you can place a basket in black in front of the toilet to store, for example, rolls of toilet paper. A ledge of the same color can place it at half height above the toilet to put decorative items like candles or ornaments.


    Finally, if you are a person who likes creativity and originality, you can put wall decals on the toilet or in the sink with some funny figure or even a picture of a place that interests you. In Vinilismo.com we can satisfy your expectations because we have custom designs. Therefore, we invite you to visit us and let us know your concerns of decoration to advise you the right way.


  • What objects must acquire to get a minimalist decor?

    If you have an apartment or small house and are trying to find the right look to decorate, we suggest you lean for a minimalist style. The essence of this style is basically that "less is more". If we were to define it broadly, it can be said that the minimalist decor is one that is characterized by simple, optimizing the little space that you own, or in terms of design, the predominance of soft colors (especially decorating walls), thus giving a modern style without being boring.


    Among the most important aspects of this style, we find:

    a) Amplitude of spaces, so it is important to have the least amount of objects.

    b) Order, one of the basic premises in order to achieve balance and harmony in the environment.

    c) Neutral colors, such as white, black or gray are best used especially decorating walls.

    d) Minimalist furniture, characterized by being simple, multifunctional and especially straight.


    Depending on the type of environment we want to decorate, they can vary the amount of objects to get this particular style. If you are decorating a room, just enough to have a couch, two chairs minimalist style (neutral color) and a coffee table (with a vase of flowers ornament). Should have a little more space you can add a TV as well as a pair of lamps to help design. Finally, to take advantage of airspace can put some pictures or artwork.


    But if we want to decorate a room with a bed, a wardrobe and a bedside table are sufficient. A further added, can be a bookcase to be hanging on the wall to get more floor space as well as a small potted plant. With regard to the bed, which are minimal beds are characterized by having an elegant and aesthetic connected to the oriental more, which ends reflecting for example, in the design of the bed frames. Finally, in line with the similarity of oriental style, there are particular options that are specific to the minimalist style, such as rolling mattresses, allowing an open feeling of the environment by having the mattress on the floor and feel the roof is a little further away.

    Finally, we can also give a minimalist style to the bathroom. To begin, you should hide only the items that are used in daily routine and the rest can be stored in a box inside your closet. In turn, the key to achieving a minimalist look is to keep these hidden elements often used either in a drawer, behind a mirror or located within an organizer. Decorating walls in the bathroom should be clear tone to give the impression that the space is broader than the actual and towels undoubtedly color from white to blend in. Finally, a good suggestion to complement all this is to change the taps by others according to the design and shower curtain for a door acrylic (or failing a transparent curtain).


    As you may have noticed, the minimalist decor ultimately seeks to preserve the design of the house on the highest level of simplicity, order and neatness as possible, is for this reason that the minimalist style can go in excellent harmony with some wall decals.

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