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  • What type of carpet should I choose?

    The type of carpet to use is one of the most critical elements when it comes to home decor. Many people prefer those extending from wall to wall, while others find it more attractive to use smaller rugs covering certain areas of the floor alone and combined with wall decor (either wallpaper borders, wall decals or wallpaper as appropriate).

    The correct decision on what type of carpet you choose not only brings more warmth to the atmosphere but also will transform it into a more beautiful and elegant. For this reason, in this article we propose to help you choose the most suitable type of carpet for your home and so we hope that the following tips are taken into account, according to your own tastes.

    The first factor to consider is the texture of the carpet. Some are made of wool and other synthetic. The former are likely to be longer, but when the choice is essential to weigh all the factors that tip the balance from one side to the other. Under this, the budget and the level of elegance you're looking for are clues to determine what style, design and carpet model will be to your liking.


    In regards to durability and quality wool carpets are recommended to be more resistant and also very easy to clean but they are also the most expensive, so it is important that you evaluate very well what is the budget that accounts and what use you'll give to the carpet to decide whether it will be worth you purchase a rug in wool or synthetic. However, if the idea is to decorate a bathroom, a kitchen or basement, probably not worthwhile to invest much money in a wool rug, but a synthetic would be your ideal choice.


    Another consideration in choosing your carpet is the color. The same will depend largely on the design and style that have given to the room you want carpeting. For example, we say that if you have a room with light walls, we recommend that you focus on a carpet with a bright color that allows highlight and vice versa. A very modern and stylish combination is, for example, decorate your kitchen with a light colored wallpaper borders and place a dark carpet for a good contrast.


    Finally, the last thing to consider is installing carpet. If you are a person who has manual skills and want to encourage you to place it, go ahead! Sometimes it may be convenient to call a specialist to do the job for some extra money. And with regard to the part of the decor, in Vinilismo.com can help and advise you on what type of decoration would be most appropriate for you, such as wall decals, wallpaper borders or other decorative element to your liking to match your carpet. You’ll notice, it all adds up and it is important to consider all these aspects before buying your carpet.

  • Decorate your appliances in a fun and modern way at once

    The world of decoration is so broad that it can find many tips to transform your home into a warm, cozy and comfortable place. The trend today as far as decor is concerned, is that it is decorated with the intention of leaving impregnated footprint of each of us, with the sole purpose of which will be our style. However, this article will not discuss decorating a room in the house but a modern, original and fun way to decorate your home appliances. Yes, as you read: Your appliances. It is known that the appliances are an essential part, for example in the kitchen, so if you're tired of seeing the same color always and you want to change them a little bit the design, this article will be very useful. 

    Specifically, we are referring to an alternative so fashionable today, as economic such as wall decals. This type of decoration is often very common to use it to decorate walls, floors, ceilings in some cases, but as trends evolve, the market now offers the ability to "change their face" to your appliances, making them more modern and fun. One of the main advantages of vinyl is that beyond being the cheapest form of decoration that is sold today and is an easy option to clean and use since its installation and removal are very simple, to the point that even you can install it and thus make your kitchen has a modern, fun and different air.


    In regard to styles and designs, there are many options currently available. You can choose between those with some special reason, just as those with cheerful stripes or geometric figures. For example, Vinilismo.com is the shop specializing in this area , where you will find plenty of models. Even if none convince you, you can request your own custom vinyl so give greater identity to your appliances. 

    In general, we can give you a few guidelines you have in mind depending on what you fumble for. In this sense, a vinyl presence of orange is ideal for young people. Meanwhile, those that are green are ideal for transmitting an image of tranquility, harmony and freshness. Can you imagine your fridge decorated green? It is a matter of trying, dont’ you think? 


    That is why in Vinilismo.com you can find wall decals with custom designed for each appliance (striking patterns or shapes with colors that stand out) or you can order any you like and do it to the extent that you require. Only a matter of letting your imagination and see which option is best suited to your tastes. 

    As a last advice or recommendation, to choosing your stickers for your appliances, try that they are harmonious with the rest of the decor of your kitchen, for example, the walls. This way, you get keep everything in sync and combined.


  • Not the same decorate a house to an apartment

    When decorating a home, we must make a clear distinction between what would be a decoration for an apartment and what would work for a larger space if we have to decorate a house. The fact of having fewer square meters not mean we can not give the rooms a warmth and a special tone that allows live comfortably.

     Starting with the decor departments, the main point is decorating walls with light colors because they generate the effect of having a light and airy atmosphere, something that perhaps in a house can be overlooked.

    The second factor to consider extremely important is the size and value of the furniture you choose. In a house, certainly space is not something of worry. For example, while in the house we have a comfortable sofa and a bed in the room in an apartment (especially in mono- environments) the idea of ​​buying a sofa that fulfills both functions when needed, appears as a very interesting alternative to optimize space and cost savings. Regarding the remaining furniture, it is important not populate the environment but use those that are functional taking care not to place them in locations that interfere step.

    These are key points described to decorate the living room of the apartment. What we must not forget is the importance of placing a mirror as optical favor of having a much larger space. And it should be noted that in case of having more than one environment, these same tips apply for the rooms individually.


    Meanwhile, with regard to the decor of a house may have certain similarities and differences to decorate a department. For example, in regards to decorating walls if you want to highlight the environment and make extensive use neutral colors would be interesting. If, however, have clear furniture, paint a wall of dark colors can provide excellent contrast. 

    Regarding the furniture, the big difference is that the apartment naturally has a larger space, but that doesn’t mean that the same precautions are not taken looking optimization and functionality thereof. This is how a living room full of furniture, is able to reduce significantly the space which when compared with which space was optimized department is greatly note the difference between the environments. On the other hand, have more space allows us to choose furniture of different styles whose combination proves harmonious and pleasant. 


    For this reason, as we said at the beginning it is essential that when decorating one option or another, first do a proper evaluation and planning of available space. There is no magic formula for decoration. Everything happens for the personal taste of each. So go ahead and decorate your apartment or house giving you your own identity to your home.


    The advantage of having housing options either house or apartment, is that both can be decorate with wall decals.

  • Find out what plants can decorate the interior of your home

    If you want the inside of your home look attractive and comfortable for living, excellent decision you can make on this is equip with plants and flowers. Obviously this is not filling all areas of plants but simply to see which of them will result appropriate depending on the space that you count. Therefore, this article will try to help to make the choice of plants is not so overwhelming and can decorate any room in your house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.) 

    A first analysis you can do is investigate and bring together those plants that have similar characteristics in terms of their growth, for example. So you can determine, according to your time, whether it is more appropriate to have plants that require care and attention, or those that do not demand much dedication. In this sense, if you are a person who devotes much time to work and you have several extra activities during the day, possibly not get much time to spend on your plants. In that case, you can opt to choose plants that are more tolerant of "drought". That is, you don’t have to water them every day. 

    An example of what we discussed, is the Aloe Vera. This plant can survive both, in the interior of a house as well as abroad. Another similar alternative is the cactus, as they have the ability to withstand arid and semi-arid climatic conditions so that you avoid having a constant dependence on care. However, if you have kids may not be as good choice to buy a cactus because you run the risk that the spikes and thorns become dangerous for them.


    Meanwhile, under some plants that require more care than those listed above can find ferns. Having a fern with such delicate leaves, can transform the image of your house in an attractive way. If you choose to purchase a fern, also seeks to complement the atmosphere with indoor flowers or you can buy floral Wall decals that when placed on the wall combine with ferns.


    Also, an option that still very popular in nowadays and is setting trends are bonsai trees. These are very small plants can even decorate a desk or table and grow perfectly inside of a house. An important tip: If you decide to buy a bonsai, try not to expose to direct sunlight, as it can burn and ruin. 


    Finally, you should not forget to analyze the state of the roots of the plants you buy, in the sense that they are securely fastened to the ground and not get out of the pot. In turn, you must take into account considering that the chosen plants do not have insects or fungi. To do this, you must do a thorough assessment and determine whether the plant has its healthy leaves, shiny, natural color and sturdy stems. 

    I hope this guide has provided the basis for choosing the plant that best suits your tastes and needs and do not forget to visit our shop Vinilismo.com to buy wall decals that complement the collection of your plants. 

  • What kind of tablecloth should I put on the table?

    The tablecloths are often the basis of your centerpiece therefore should try to use them properly to create a special atmosphere when organizing an event. To do this, you should start asking if you want the table to have a formal, elegant, casual, festive look, etc. depending on the kind of event you want to achieve. In turn, you should pay attention to napkins, doilies, table centerpiece and other accessories to assemble a table according to the circumstances.

     First of all, if you want to provide an informal image to your table you have 3 recommended options. The first and most economical is the paper tablecloth. Simply choose an attractive design and your table will have a cheerful image. The second option is a vinyl tablecloth, which is often used very frequently to organize parties for children. If you like this option, maybe you can supplement it with kids decals in the living room walls. Surely the kids will love this set. Finally, the third alternative you can take is the classic tablecloth fabric, which can also be used for a more formal event. 


    In this sense, cloth tablecloths are often used in formal events as they are the more traditional choice of all the world. An advantage of such mats is that you can combine with paper napkins but also with cloth napkins, plus there are many easy to clean and maintain designs. In turn, if you want to provide an elegant image and make it a classy table, undoubtedly a lace tablecloth is the best choice. 

    Another factor to consider in relation to informality and formality that has the event is the size of the tablecloth, but more precisely what is known as the "fall " of it. For an informal event usually short tablecloth practically just drop by the edges of the table used. But if you're in the presence of a more formal event, much better if the tablecloth is large. An example of this is that in the elegant lounges, tablecloths often come to the floor. Have you noticed?


    Finally, a suggestion that will be very useful is that not forget to use accessories like napkin rings, a centerpiece according to the occasion, candles, or any element that brings distinction to the event you are planning. For instance, a Christmas table is important to decorate with red reasons or if you’re celebrating Valentine, rose petals will provide an excellent set. 

    However, if it is a child's birthday you have to decorate the whole atmosphere of creative, sociable and fun as the kids will feel comfortable and enjoy very much being held there with the birthday kid. You can buy some kids wall decals that match the decor of your tablecloth and fully transform the environment.  


  • Tips for choosing the perfect sofa

    Choosing a sofa for your home, in many cases can be a difficult decision because of the number of options , styles and designs currently on the market. That is why the purpose of this article is to give you some tips for picking the perfect sofa that fits your needs. 

    The Style 

    When buying a sofa, one of the first things to choose is the style, which depend on a number of factors. First, it is important to assess the available space where you want to place the sofa, so deciding what size would be best suited. Secondly, it is important to note that the style of sofa combine with the decor of the environment. For example, if you go to a store stickers to decorate your walls in a fun, creative and engaging way, the style of your sofa should go in line with that decor. However, if your decor is more traditional a simple sofa with similar characteristics will be a very good choice. 


    Fabric and Structure 

    The importance of the fabric lies in the fact of choosing a nice texture and the feeling that it is intended to achieve. The primary objective is that the couch be comfortable and durable, so it depending on what material is to your liking, you'll take the necessary precautions to ensure that durability. For example, if you have small children it is best to opt for a high strength fabric.

    Meanwhile, in regard to the structure needs to be robust and made ​​of high quality materials to allow a longer life of the sofa. 

    Optional Additional Features 

    Among all the options available couch, find those that meet only that functionality, as well as those that are multifunctional. We are speaking specifically of the sofa beds. For example, if you live in a studio apartment it is likely that a sofa bed be a very smart choice of your part. With it, you save to buy your bed and thus have more space available. 

    Consequently, depending on the lifestyle you have and the comforts of your home, these additional features may find useful. 


    According to the Budget 

    If you've seen a sofá and you've liked the style, fabric, structure and additional features, before buying please note that it fits your budget. What is this? Is it mandatory to make a budget before buying a sofa? 

    While it is not required, it is advisable to consider how much money you are willing to spend to pay your coveted couch. The purpose of this is to prevent you from unnecessary way into debt and get carried away by your emotions to see that you found the sofa you consider perfect for you. 

    Once you have your armed budget (or at least an idea of ​​how much money you have available to spend) it's time to start searching for the best sofa that suits your needs. A first step, undoubtedly is to use the internet. In addition to finding great choices of sofas, you can visit any wall decals store that achieve to complemet the home decor.   


  • What color curtains should be?

    The curtains are a key element in the decoration of every environment , because not only help to improve the look of it but also influence the amount of outdoor lighting that will allow to entry. The first thing you should consider is to think about what environments shall set them . Thus, for example , is not the same a curtain to the kitchen, a dining room or on the bedroom or bathroom. Then another thing to consider is, what needs would you like to satisfy and how much space do you account, as the style and color of your curtain will vary depending on whether you wish to provide privacy, darkness or it is just a simple decorative element. 


    An example of the above may be that the purpose of a curtain in the bedroom is to provide privacy and darkness, so in that case it is not advisable to choose light colors. However, in the living room or dining room where the priority surely be the natural light, light colors like white or pastels are an excellent alternative to choose from, as well as giving a very good lighting create an image of a broader environment.


    In turn , another factor to consider is the walls decoration of the room in which you want to install the curtain, as well as the color and style of furniture existed. For this reason, there are many points to consider, this article is intended as a basic guide indicative of the best choices of colors for your curtains.

    To decorate a room, the condition to be met is that the curtains look very similar to the walls of the room tone. For example, if the goal is to decorate a room with a classic or formal tone, such as a study hall for example, we recommend using colored damask curtains, silk or velvet. But if the tone is a bit more casual curtain fabric with linen or cotton can be an interesting option.

    Regarding to the kitchen, a very good option are the curtains with floral prints, which are also resistant to moisture and smoke.

    And finally, when it comes to dark colors, it is noteworthy that these usually are widely used in large rooms whose walls are painted in bright colors, as this combination provides an opportunity to have a much more balanced and harmonious decoration. Under this, an interesting suggestion that you can adopt is a wall decoration clear tone, allowing you to install a curtain of any dark color that appeals to you.


    An excellent choice could also be that your curtains will combine with the wall decals to give an appearance of harmony to the room.

  • Why Retro Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

    retro wallpaper
    You might not be surprised that wallpaper is making a comeback, but you might be surprised at the types of patterns that are causing the biggest stir. Today’s most popular wallpaper doesn’t look cutting edge, it looks very vintage—in fact, retro wallpaper is one of the top choices for home décor right now. So why is it making such a splash? Here are four reasons:

    classic wallpaper• Because vintage is cool. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, you can’t possibly have missed the fact that vintage styles are making a comeback. Hip young people head to thrift shops instead of designer boutiques, Hollywood reboots classic movie franchises, and music and fashion both give a nod back to the sounds and styles of the 1980s or earlier. It should come as no surprise then that retro wallpaper is as big as retro sunglasses. This is especially true given the trends in furniture which also favor older retro styles. The wallpaper and the other interior decorations go hand in hand to create a nostalgic aesthetic from the height of the 20th century.

    • Because our parents really did have a sense of style. Despite everything we just said, the craze for throwback wallpaper isn’t just a current trend. It’s also a recognition of the fact that there were some great styles back in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Artists and designers were recruited to create wallpaper styles back then just as they are today, and they knew how to do their jobs. They came up with some of the catchiest and coziest designs possible, favoring wallpaper that used heavy patterns that were still subtle enough to not be overpowering.

    retro wall paper

    • Because wallpaper is durable and easy to clean. Although wallpaper went out of fashion for a while, there’s a good reason it’s back: wallpaper is just Whether it’s a retro style or a very modern one, once wallpaper is up on the wall it’s much more resistant to stains, damage and wear and tear than a simple painted wall is. That makes a huge difference in its long term value.

    • Because today’s vinyl wallpaper is easier to put up than ever before. If there’s one hesitation people have about wallpaper, it’s the installation process. We can all think back to helping wallpaper a room as kids and what a difficult, finicky mess it was. That’s one aspect of vintage wallpaper that today’s retro designs have done away with. Today’s vinyl wallpaper goes up easily and lasts longer than ever.

    Are you considering retro wallpaper? What designs are you looking at?

  • 5 Reasons a Vinyl Animal Mural is Right for Your Child’s Bedroom

    If you’re a parent and you haven’t yet discovered vinyl animal murals, you’re missing out. Animal murals make  great addition to your child’s bedroom—better perhaps than posters, paintings or wallpapers. So what’s the big deal about them? Here’s five reasons they belong in every kid’s bedroom:


    1. Because kids love animals. If there’s one thing that’s true of pretty much any kid, it’s that they absolutely love animals. These murals make a natural addition to any child’s room, adding color, life and interest while also captivating their imagination. You can choose one that matches your child’s favorite animal or take several and put them on different walls or areas.
    2. 2Vinyl murals are priced for a parent’s budget. Decorating a child’s bedroom isn’t cheap—and if you had stencil and hand paint an animal mural you’d either need to hire a professional or be one yourself. Vinyl murals offer an affordable alternative. Many large poster-size murals cost as little as $30 and even full wall-size murals are less expensive than wallpaper and other traditional decorations. Yet for this low price you get a highly detailed, vivid full-color decoration that puts a smile on your child’s face.
    3. They’re hard to damage. Vinyl murals are basically made for kids. Yes, kids tend to spill, scuff, bump, pull, yank, and drop just about anything they come in contact with. But they are extremely kidproof. The vinyl is stain resistant and even marker can often be washed off. At the same time, vinyl is difficult for kids to tear or damage and extremely lightweight and safe. It’s the ideal wall decoration for kids.
    4. They’re easy to change. What if your kid’s taste in animals changes? What if they don’t want murals as they grow older? Or what if you need to make the room look “normal” in order to sell the house? Murals are easy to put up and easy to take down, leaving little trace that they were ever there.
    5. The selection is endless. Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider animal murals for your kid’s room is just the pure selection. The range of different animal murals available is startling and you and your family will have fun picking out the right one for your kid’s room.


    Are you considering vinyl animal murals for your kid’s bedroom? What animals are you looking at?

  • Why Our New U.S. Audience Will Love Vinilismo Wall Art

    Have you ever wanted to add a little more visual interest in your bedroom, living room or office, but weren’t sure how it could be done without investing in a total design overhaul, or resorting to a limited selection of generic wall stickers from major retailers?

    If so, look no further than vinyl wall art from Vinilismo. For years now, we’ve led the wall decor industry in Mexico, impressing customers with our high-concept, out-of-the box collection of wall decal designs that are fit for just about any space, even the office. We believe in the power a wall decal has to truly transform a space, not just decorate it. This belief, and the growing demand for innovative vinyl wall art concepts, has led us to expand our services to the United States! Our new website, specifically for English-speakers, features all of the same cutting-edge selections currently available on our Mexico website, yet is geared towards an American audience and includes guaranteed product shipping to any location within the United States. Learn just what’s to love about Vinilismo wall art by reading up on some of our most popular product categories, featured below!

    Wall Decals

    Decorative vinyl wall decals from Vinilismo are available in a wide variety of themes and categories, from kitchen decals, to animal decals, to geometric wall decals and more. In addition to our wide range of themes and designs, what makes our wall decals unique is their ability to be highly customized. Customers can hand-select color schemes and the size of a wall decal via our online store to ensure that a product perfectly suits any living space. Our wall decals are also incredibly simple to install, thanks to a no-hassle “peel and stick” process. Think the cartoon decal you’ve placed on your child’s bedroom wall would actually go best on the opposite wall? Not a problem. Our wall decals are also easily removable and never damage paint or leave behind residue. In short, a vinyl wall decal is probably the most flexible, cost-effective interior design element you’ll ever come across.

    But what if you’re not really in the market for revamping a living space, and instead are interested in smaller decals for personal items? Okay, you’ve guessed it. We have that too! Find creative decorative vinyl decals for laptop cases, desk covers, kitchen table covers, and doors on our new U.S. website.

    children's wall decals laptop decals


    Interested in giving an entire room a facelift? Then check out our expansive collection of unique wallpaper designs, all of which are available for purchase and customization from Vinilismo online. Vinyl wallpaper from Vinilismo is classified by five major design categories: modern, retro, floral, classic and kids wallpaper. Within each of these categories, you’ll find dozens of distinct patterns, color combinations and graphics sure to surprise and delight; in fact, our customers often find wallpaper they never would have dreamed of themselves, but which ultimately brings their vision for a new room aesthetic to life. Whether you’re looking for formal vinyl wallpaper to don all four walls of a master bedroom, or playful wall paper to adorn one wall of a game room, you’ll find wallpaper styles that will suit almost any taste, all with guaranteed durability and longevity.

    floral wallpaper retro wallpaper

    Wall Murals

    Sometimes a room is in need of a statement piece, a design element that truly takes the atmosphere of a living space to new heights. While wall decals and vinyl wallpaper from Vinilismo are certainly transformative in their own right, for those ready to make an even grander addition to a room and get heads turning, it’s time to browse the Vinilismo wall mural collection. Our wall murals can canvas an entire wall with a high-definition, optimally enhanced photograph. Popular wall mural choices include ocean views, close-ups of wildlife, sprawling cityscapes and breathtaking sunsets. Their unparalleled image quality, diverse themes and customizable sizes have made vinyl wall murals some of our most sought-after products.

    murals animal murals

    Vinilismo is also proud to offer a numerous options for vinyl wallpaper borders, office wall decals and customized wall decals, all displayed below.

    kids wallpaper borders office wall decals custom wall art

    Check out full selections of all Vinilismo vinyl wall decoration products by visiting our recently launched website for U.S. customers here!

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