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Pop art decor

The Pop Art style decor is basically characterized by the originality and innovation imposing style. Unlike other styles you do not need to buy furniture for a certain design, nor combine colors and decorations to match. In the decoration Pop Art is essential spontaneity and convey optimism and sense of humor, which if you are a brave person and you dare to decorate your home under this style, this article will surely be very useful.

As a first step, you should know that the style Pop Art does not apply to traditional homes but should be spacious with a youthful tone and full of cheerful colors. Is for this reason that one of its features is to use images of the era in which it was created (around 60). These in turn can be supplemented with some wallpaper and used furniture or accessories in bright colors. For this reason, it is not surprising to observe pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and also decorative accessories with brands of the time like Coca Cola, for example.

Second, keep in mind that the color is a key point in this style. Basically, they often use bright and vivid colors but always generating some contrast. No Pop Art style without the presence of contrasts. At the same time, which should take into consideration it is what colors to use depending on the environment you're decorating.

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In the case of a living room, you can choose to install a wallpaper on the walls or paint them purple, white or beige, as the most characteristic colors. Any of these options should be combined with furniture and decorative objects in strong colors (fuchsia, green, orange are some common options) to generate the contrast previously talked. At the same time, you can incorporate some retro objects such as old TVs or phones. Remember, in this style, aesthetic is more important than functional aspect.

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If you want to decorate your kitchen, a good idea is to place black and white tiles on the floor and put some pictures on the walls with representative images. Meanwhile, with regard to accessories, can for example be stamped plates with geometric shapes or flowers.

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One of the main advantages offered by Pop Art decor is that if you do not like the idea that your environment is full of bright colors, you can opt for a light version painting the walls in light colors and bright colors allowing for some carpet or the sofa, you can even add some wall decals that go in line with the decor of your home and be a little pop art style. This way you will produce a good contrast without giving an aspect extremely colorful to the environment.

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