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Refreshing Decor

Summer is an excellent excuse to renew the decoration of houses, apartment or office. The decor is capable of generating environments and feelings, then what better way to prepare to beat the heat with some decorative tricks.

To begin, you must make an observation about the features of the environment that you want to decorate, do you have windows? What times receives direct sunlight? Is it possible to add larger plants?

The windows can be your allies or your enemies with respect to the issue of oppressive heat. To avoid becoming the villains of the film, you must properly choose the system of curtains in your home decorating project to avoid exposure to sunlight.

An excellent choice for the windows are blackout roller shades or thermal curtains. These will protect you from heat in summer and cold in winter, and also give the environments a dose of neatness and cleanliness, but also get stamped.

If you do not like this type of insulating curtains and instead prefer traditional curtains, make sure the fabric protects the temperature inside.

Plants do not just give you the feeling of freshness, but also, its shadow will protect your house from the summer heat. If you have the opportunity to do so, add different plants indoors and windows and balconies. No air conditioning that exceeds the freshness of a good natural shade.

One of the details that will require your most attention in this style refreshing decor, is the color palette you will use. To do this, you can inspire your house decor in fresh colors like mint, or find your own by following the same slogan. The mint is a color that is among the green cakes, and conveys a strong sense of freshness. Other fresh colors are white and shades of blue and light blue.

This color can be incorporated in many ways, and here is that you get creative. Attends the paint and requests this tone to add details to the walls and furniture. Get cushions, curtains and decorations in this color, and combine them with a bright white, for an effect "snow and mint."

Another way to incorporate fresh colors like mint, celestial and blue, is through wall decals. Vinyl avoid the complications of paint, they are easy to install and remove and are highly customizable. If you do not find in our store design you want for your home, you can order it to your liking.

Some Ideas for Decorating with Vinyl

You can use stickers to simply to add details of color to your white walls. So, some moles, lines or a border that frames a wall in blue or celestial, will give your room a fresh look you want.

Another cool option is to seek wall decals with scenes from high temperatures. These same wall decals can be used on walls and furniture and even appliances.

You see you have many options to get a refreshing decor. Only it encouraged to try more to your liking and enjoy!

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