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Why Retro Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

retro wallpaper
You might not be surprised that wallpaper is making a comeback, but you might be surprised at the types of patterns that are causing the biggest stir. Today’s most popular wallpaper doesn’t look cutting edge, it looks very vintage—in fact, retro wallpaper is one of the top choices for home décor right now. So why is it making such a splash? Here are four reasons:

classic wallpaper• Because vintage is cool. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, you can’t possibly have missed the fact that vintage styles are making a comeback. Hip young people head to thrift shops instead of designer boutiques, Hollywood reboots classic movie franchises, and music and fashion both give a nod back to the sounds and styles of the 1980s or earlier. It should come as no surprise then that retro wallpaper is as big as retro sunglasses. This is especially true given the trends in furniture which also favor older retro styles. The wallpaper and the other interior decorations go hand in hand to create a nostalgic aesthetic from the height of the 20th century.

• Because our parents really did have a sense of style. Despite everything we just said, the craze for throwback wallpaper isn’t just a current trend. It’s also a recognition of the fact that there were some great styles back in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Artists and designers were recruited to create wallpaper styles back then just as they are today, and they knew how to do their jobs. They came up with some of the catchiest and coziest designs possible, favoring wallpaper that used heavy patterns that were still subtle enough to not be overpowering.

retro wall paper

• Because wallpaper is durable and easy to clean. Although wallpaper went out of fashion for a while, there’s a good reason it’s back: wallpaper is just Whether it’s a retro style or a very modern one, once wallpaper is up on the wall it’s much more resistant to stains, damage and wear and tear than a simple painted wall is. That makes a huge difference in its long term value.

• Because today’s vinyl wallpaper is easier to put up than ever before. If there’s one hesitation people have about wallpaper, it’s the installation process. We can all think back to helping wallpaper a room as kids and what a difficult, finicky mess it was. That’s one aspect of vintage wallpaper that today’s retro designs have done away with. Today’s vinyl wallpaper goes up easily and lasts longer than ever.

Are you considering retro wallpaper? What designs are you looking at?

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