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Scandinavian Style Decor

Scandinavian style is a blend of tradition and modernity since its beginnings go back to the 50's but today is a style that still exists in the world of decoration. It is commonly said that it is a style characterized by its authenticity and freshness. Therefore, in this article we will be giving you an overview of the most important characteristic of the Scandinavian style so you can decorate your home in this way.

Basically, this style has its roots in their own local materials (such as natural woods, leather, cotton and even flax), regional crafts and the characteristic landscape of the Nordic countries. Its premise number one is the use and exploitation of natural light, which enters through large windows. This is because in the Scandinavian region often have little natural light and environments that attempt to be comprehensive and very good light. It follows that the most important color and character almost always in this style is white, which can be replaced by lighter shades.


In line with the above, in the decoration of walls it is just important that you choose light colors, either white, ivory or beige. In turn, it is very common to place frames, tables and shelves with the intention of providing a warm and friendly to the environment climate, so if you decide to incorporate these elements, we recommend playing with two shades of white to highlight those objects.

One tip that you can be very useful is that you play with photo frames of various sizes, which ideally should be combined with natural wood and light colors. In this way, you'll see how you can make it look the same environment in a completely different way.


A fundamental aspect of this style is that the functionality factor plays a major role. So you can see large windows, high ceilings and spacious rooms as their own and outstanding characteristics of Scandinavian style.

Regarding furniture, white sofas combined with natural woods are very characteristic of this style. At the same time, it is very common to notice the peculiarity of furniture in general that combine straight with gentle curves creating a sense of harmony and balance. The floor also has its role. Ideally Wood suggests that they are in light colors to help make the space seem very large as mentioned above.

Finally, as with all decor you'll need items or ornaments that complement decorating walls, furniture and materials used. A good idea are the pots of brass on jute bags, so using rustic materials typical of this style that you will provide a raw and natural picture. In turn, attempts to add green plants in order to provide freshness to the environment. Beyond that, when you add decorative elements you have to make sure to be made of ceramic and glass, ideal materials to blend in with the rest of the decor.

As you may have noticed, unlike other styles we have not mentioned the wall decals as a consideration in wall decoration. While the Scandinavian style has a modern profile, we believe that such decorative elements can hinder the decoration of it. Therefore, replacing wall decals we recommend installing some light tone wallpaper to provide great light to the environment.


Since Vinilismo.com we are at your disposal for any kind of advice you need when decorating your home to Scandinavian style.

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