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Style Shabby Chic Decor

The environment in which our daily life gets unwrap directly affects our mood. Therefore, in recent decades, the importance given to interior decoration has grown progressively. Currently, most people worry about decorating the rooms of your office or home to create a living environment or more personal and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how. The ignorance on the characteristics of each style of decoration, leads to mistakes that hurt all the work. So, before choosing a style for your room, you should know the characteristics of each.

On this occasion, we will explore the Shabby Chic style, a romantic but at the same time cheerful style, which can be used in any room in your house.

To begin, we say that a room decorated in the Shabby Chic style takes us back to stories like "Mujercitas" or any novel by Jane Austen. Pastel colors, woods, flowers, everything is very feminine in this style.


Furniture should not look new, but in this type of decoration ancient and modern combine. The ideal is to paint an old piece of furniture with pastel colors, and apply some technique and patina. An old light table with a green patina water will be fine in a room decorated in this style. The new and modern furniture also combine with the decor if the same procedure is applied.

 Among the most representative Shabby Chic style colors the protagonist is white. This is due to the need to balance the abundance of accessories, patterns and textures own of the style. White can overload the environment with objects and motifs. Then, all pastel colors: pale pink, aqua, blue pastel, corn, etc. Use white for decorating walls and then compleméntala with other objects.

Another feature is the abundance of "accessories" such as cushions, curtains, carpets, mirrors with antique frames, candlesticks, empty bottles and wooden chests. Also a chandelier give a special touch to your dining Shabby Chic.


Floral designs are essential: no room qualify with this style if there are one or more floral prints. But not just any flower: always choose small and abundant flowers, and do not forget the pastel colors. It can be an upholstered armchair in this occasion, cushions, curtains, etc. But to impact, a floral print for decorating walls in the room will look fabulous. For this you can use special wall decals.

The advantages of the wall decals are many.

  • There is alot of models.
  • Can be used on many surfaces: for decorating walls, wooden furniture, doors, ceramics, and even on ceilings for an original and daring decor.
  • You canhire a professionalto placeor you can dowith your own hands.
  • They arehighly customizable, and you cancombine them.


We hope these tips will encourage and help decorate your room in this feminine and romantic style.

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